10 Best Custom Military Dog Tags

First used by the armed forces as an easy way to recognize fallen comrades in battle, dog tags were used to display essential information: name, address & blood group. Today, however, they have also become a fashion statement, with many people wearing them because they look ‘cool’. Dog tags have become such a must-have item recently that there are even customizable tags available. We have made a list of 10 best custom military dog tags available online; be sure to share, comment & enjoy.

10. Men’s 2 PCS Alloy Enamel Pendant Necklace  (3.99$)

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This classic two-piece pendant and chain is available in a dark matte finish. Made from Aluminum Alloy, each of the two pieces measures 29.0 x 51.0 mm.

Available Here!

9. Godspeed to Our Fallen Heroes – Inspirational Dog Tag Necklace (4.99$)

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Made from Aluminum, this pendant tag displays a poignant message paying homage to all those who gave their lives in war. The inspirational message is printed in black on a shiny frame and is paired with a sturdy necklace.

Available Here!

8. 50 Matte Stainless Steel Military spec Dog Tags (19.99$)

Best Military Dog Tag


The sky is the limit with this timeless blank military dog tag, which can be customized by the user to read whatever they require. It features an 1/8 inch hole which can be used to hang the tag from a chain, and the tag itself is approximately 2 inches in length.

Available Here!

7. Personalized Custom Message Engrave Dog Tag Necklace Pendant(17.99$)

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The manufacturer of this classy dog tag has no fixed design , enabling you to customize your pendant with not only any quotation, but also in any style, that you choose. Your personalized pendant is accompanied by a sturdy 24-inch steel chain.

Available Here!

6. Free Engraving Personalized Custom Message Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant With 60cm Necklace (19.99$)

Custom Military Dog Tags

This stainless steel dog tag raises the bar; simply choose from gold, silver or black, and have your customized message either printed or engraved onto the pendant. This tag comes with a 60 cm chain, and has enough space for a message of up to 20 characters per line, up to total of 5 lines.

Available Here!

5. Tag Z Military Dog Tags (6.50$)

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These solid steel dog tags from Tag Z have a black rubber padding around the pendant which prevent the tags from creating unnecessary noise. Multiple silencer options are available, and all tags are accompanied by a chain measuring approximately 50 cm.

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4. Personalized custom engraved Photo Tag with Message Pendant by LazrArt (9.99$)

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These innovative tags from LazrArt are the only product on our list that gives you the option of adding pictures to your pendants. Simply submit your pictures to the seller along with your desired message, and receive a unique and memorable dog chain.

Available Here!

3. Black Custom US Military Dog Tag Personalized ID Set (7$)

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This durable customizable dog tag is available in an elegant black steel, equipped with a rubber silencer. This tag is highly customizable, with numerous options available for text and other features.

Available Here!

2. DC Comics Batman Dog Tags (8.99$)

Custom Military Dog Tags-2

For all those comic fans out there, be sure to check out this Batman Inspired pendant from DC Comics. The pendant is made from steel, and the iconic Batman emblem rotates within the pendant itself, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Available Here!

1. Custom US Military Dog Tag by Go Tags (6.50$)

Best Military Dog Tags (7)

Go Tags is the most popular seller for all military dog tags, and with good reason.With 8+ colors available, and a range of customization options for text alignment, these tags are some of the best on the market! What’s more, Go Tags, have a 4/5 review rating on Amazon.com.

Available Here!

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