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10 Best Control Arms For Toyota Tundra

Control Arms may not seem important to most as you cannot really see them. They are hidden but are very important for a smooth and noise-free ride. They are responsible for moving the wheels up and down without any other movement. Thet cushion the suspension system to control vibration while moving over bumpy patches. Need to change your Toyota Tundra’s old and rusty Control Arms? We have control over the situation. The Toyota Tundra was manufactured in the United States by the Japanese company Toyota in May 1999. It was the second full-size pick-up truck to be introduced by Toyota, the first being the Toyota T100. In our series on the best products for your Toyota Tundra, today we are here with the 10 Best Control Arms for your Toyota Tundra. We give you the list of what we think is best suited as per your requirements. But make sure that the product matches your model before purchasing it.

10. BECKARNLEY 102-8083 Control Arm

The first on our list is the BECKARNLEY Control Arms. They are designed to meet the OE specifications for form, fit, and function. They feature steel, iron, or aluminum construction for durability and resistance against rust and corrosion. They come with new hardware and bushings where they are applicable. The Control Arms come with the ball joints for a complete installation with an assurance of reliability.

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9. AutoDN Front Control Arm Tundra

The ninth-pace Control Arms feature steel construction that ensures durability. They are made to be resistant to rust and corrosion for long-lasting performance. They undergo impact, wear, and fatigue testing to ensure the quality of the product. They are designed for specific vehicles’ models and make for a direct replacement. They are made for a trouble-free installation as they come with a control arm and ball joint.

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8. AutoShack CAK721305 Front Passenger Side Lower Control Arm

These are high-quality brand-new control arms. They are manufactured from high-strength steel tubing that ensure strength and durability. They feature anti-corrosion coating for extended life. They are made for direct fit and designed for vehicle specific application. These products are inspected before they are sent to the customer to ensure reliable performance. They feature a six-month manufacturer warranty.

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7. Fabtech FTS26041 Control Arm Kit

The seventh in the list of 10 best Control Arms for Toyota Tundra is the Fabtech FTS26041. They allow increased wheel travel when they are used with dirt logic 2.5 coil-over shocks. They feature Chromoly tubing that reduces flex found in stock arms to give positive road feels. They are designed to be direct replacements for the factory arms on suspensions that need enhanced strength and align ability. They are heat-treated to ensure reliability.

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6. ACDelco 45D1681 Professional Front Control Arm

The sixth-place are professional premium-quality aftermarket replacement Control Arms. They provide optimal performance and dependability. They are manufactured to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations for fit, form, and function. They are designed to be high-quality components for specific vehicle systems. They come with a list of compatible vehicles and models to make for a proper fit.

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5. Freedom Off-Road Control Arms for 2007 Tundra

The fifth in the line is the Freedom Control Arms.  They are designed to provide superior strength over the factory. They are manufactured from 1.5-inch tubing with correcting ball joint angle and castor for 2-4 inches of a vehicle lift. They are sold in pairs and come with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.  They are heavy-duty OE style components made for replacement of original factory components.

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4. MOOG RK621307 Control Arm

These fourth-place Control Arms feature precision tolerance to make for easy installment and steering alignment giving a perfect fit. They have coated studs and e-coated cast iron and steel control arms that provide protection against corrosion and deterioration. They undergo heat treatment for enhanced structural strength. They have pre-installed ball joints for quick installation and maintenance-free operation.

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3. Dorman 521-394 Control Arm

These Control Arms are manufactured to be a reliable replacement for the original assembly on specific vehicle applications. They undergo industry-leading testing that ensure smooth, stable, and safe ride throughout their usage. They come with additional coatings that prevents it from rust and corrosion for durable operation. They come with pre-installed ball-joints and bushings for easy assembly, saving the users time and labor.

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2. MOOG RK621304 Control Arm

These Control Arms are heat treated for added structural strength to match or exceed the OE requirements. They feature optimized brushings that gives quiet operation and makes them resistant to wear, salt, road grime, and oils. They feature pre-installed ball-joints with sealed sockets that give maintenance-free operation and easy installation. They are designed for a long service life and come with enhanced corrosion protection.

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1. Detroit Axle Front Upper Control Arm Toyota Tundra

These Detroit Axle Control Arms are made to fit the compatible vehicles perfectly. The Suspension parts are made to withstand the rigorous demands of daily wear-and-tear in all types of vehicle. They are manufactured to exceed the original equipment standards to ensure smooth riding. These OE-quality aftermarket products are backed by 10-year warranty.

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That is our list for the 10 Best Control Arms for Toyota Tundra. May this list truly help you. Stay tuned for the rest of the series.