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10 Best Charging Cables for Samsung Galaxy S8

So, you’re the Samsung fan through and through? Congratulations on purchasing the latest Samsung Galaxy S8+. The phone is a pinnacle of latest technologies by the technology giant; Samsung. Have you already invested in a case for this latest acquisition of yours? Why? Because, accidents are bound to happen, and it pays to have invested in insurance, to speak. Check out the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy S8+. What follows, however, is a list of 10 best charging cables for Samsung Galaxy S8+ because it is advised to invest in spare charging cables so that you don’t end up taxing the original charging cable and wearing it out early.

10. Ixir USB C to Type-C (4-PACK 6.6ft) Fast Charging Sync Cable [$20.99]

First particular charging cable on the list comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a premium nylon covering that imparts added protection and enhances the durability of the charging cable. The cable features USB C plug with reversible design; allowing users to use it without worrying about plug’s orientation. The pack comes with 4 cables with each cable measuring in at 6.6’. The cable can cater to your phone with a safe charging current of 3A while allowing for data syncing speeds of up to 5Gbps. The length of the cable enables users to make use of their device freely while it charges up.

Available here

9. USB Type C Cable 3Pack 10FT Nylon Braided Fast Charging Sync [$11.99]

Another nylon braided cable that comes with anti-twisting, anti-tangle and abrasion-proof properties. The cable features the USB C design. The most talked about aspect of this design is the fact that it enables users to plug it without having to worry about the orientation of plug. The cable offers rapid charging with 2.4A current and allows for a secure connection with its stainless-steel connectors. The company claims that the cable has 3 times more lifespan when compared with a standard cable. The cable is 10’ in length which is great because it allows users to freely use their device while it is being charged or during transferring of data; users are not limited to wall outlets anymore. If you’re using it with a car charger, you can easily sit in the back with the phone in your hand.

Available here

8. TruWire Type-C to Type-C Nylon Braided Charging Cable [6.6 FT] [$22.09]

This particular cable comes with a lifetime warranty and features a premium quality nylon that imparts durability to the cable. The cable features a Type-C port thus allowing users to make use of it without worrying about the orientation of the plug. The package includes 4 cables each measuring in at 6.6’ thus enabling users to use their phone easily while it charges or while data is being transferred from it to the laptop. The cable comes with a safe charging current of 3A and a data sync speed of 5Gbps. The cable can be used with a wall charger or power bank and performs equally exceptional with both sources.

Available here

7. Samsung Galaxy S8 authentic USB to Type-C Charging Data Cable [$12.77]

You’re looking at a new Samsung Galaxy S8 USB cable with a type-C connector. The cable is capable of charging and syncing data on your phone simultaneously. It has been officially certified following testing for the complete USB Type-C standards and data transfer.

Available here

6. Original Galaxy 10FT USB to Type-C Charging and Transfer Cable [$15.77]

Get ready to charge and transfer quicker with this 10’ long cable for your smartphone. It comes with a USB reversible Type-C connector and has been officially tested for the complete USB Type-C standards. The cable is highly durable and can be subjected to everyday wear and tear without worrying about it getting damaged. The long length enables users to freely make use of their smartphones while the phone is being charged or being used for transferring data.

Available here

5. Samsung Galaxy S8 OEM USB-C Black Data Charging Cable [$7.99]

This cable works with the adaptive fast charging and is black in color. The package includes one USB type-C cable and a Bastex Stylus that you can use with your smartphone. The cable features a USB-C to USB-A design and can be used for charging your smartphone or for the transfer of data.

Available here

4. Samsung Galaxy S8 USB to Type-C Charging and Transfer Cable [$3.34]

This cable is guaranteed to be a new OEM product and comes in at a length of 5’. The length is good enough for you to make use of the phone while it charges. The cable can also be used for transferring data and features a USB Type-C connector.

Available here

3. Two (2) OEM Samsung USB-C Data Charging Cables [$7.51]

This cable is exactly the same as the cable that comes with the original smartphone. This particular package has two of such cables that are compatible with the adaptive fast charging. The cable is black in color and enables users to charge and transfer data from their phones simultaneously.

Available here

2. HWG Type C Cable – Nylon Braided (2-Pack 3.3FT/1M) [$12.99]

This cable has a length of 3.3’ and features a USB-C to USB-A 2.0 connection. The cable has a durable nylon and black fishing line braided tangle-free cord along with a premium quality aluminium shell. Thanks to the USB-C 2.0 connector, you can get transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps. The cable is highly durable and the reversible USB-C design allows users to plug the connector without having to worry about its orientation. The package has two cables and comes with a 30-day refund or replacement, 1-year worry-free warranty.

Available here

1. Type C Cable,HiOrange Android Charging Cable [2 Pack] Nylon Braided [$19.99]

You’re looking at an exceptional durable design. The package includes two length-variants; 3.3’ and 6’. You can easily use the one that fits your need perfectly. The cable features aluminium connector part and comes with a nylon braided jacket thus imparting enhanced protection for the inner wire. The cable ensures a maximum charging current of up to 2.4A and is capable of charging 8% faster when compared with standard cables and offers transfer data rate up to 500Mbps. It reportedly has 4 times the lifespan of that of a standard cable and will serve your phone greatly. The package comes with a year of worry free warranty.

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