10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro

10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 8

You may have heard about the ZTE Axon Pro Phone. It is an extraordinary phone when it comes to looks, style, and specifications. Owing to its striking design, chances are that many people among you have bought the phone and are enjoying its unparalleled performance. But, have you invested in a good case for your smartphone? If not, then you must do it right now to keep your phone well-protected. Following is a list of 10 best cases for ZTE Axon Pro. Check out the list and let us know what you think of it.

10. ZTE Axon Pro Phone Case 5.5″, Collen® [Heavy Duty] Premium Bumper [ Military Grade Fortification ] Tenacious Armor Case for ZTE Axon Pro Phone Case – Black and Yellow K01 [$6.75]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 10

The case features a foldable built-in kickstand that can be used for both; horizontal and vertical orientation. The air buffer, along with dual layer protection, provides the all-around protection that your smartphone really deserves. The case protects the smartphone from bumps, scratches and accidental drops.

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9. ZTE Axon Pro Case, Fosmon DURA-T Durable [Flexible | Slim Fit] Case for ZTE Axon Pro (Clear) [$4.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 9

The case has been created using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and provides the smartphone with a matte finish to prevent smudges and fingerprints while imparting an all-around protection. The screen lip lifts up the device’s screen from the surface when you put it upside down thus, preventing the screen from taking any form of damage. It features precise cutouts for easy and comfortable access to all ports and buttons of the smartphone. The case is lightweight, slim and durable.

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8. ZTE Axon Pro Case, ZTE Axon Elite Case, Celljoy [Liquid Armor] {Gray} ZTE A1P 2015 Release Model Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Hybrid Case **Shockproof** – Thin Hard Cover [$9.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 8

The case offers dual layers protection of protection via TPU interior and polycarbonate (PC) hard shell on the exterior. The case is available with a gloss finish featuring rich and deep colors. The corners have reinforced bumper to impart protection against drops. The incorporated cuts allow for comfortable access to all ports, buttons, and camera. It has been designed to fit your particular smartphone snugly.

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7. ZTE Axon Pro Case,Leevin(TM) Premium Crocodile grain Back Leather Hard Case Ultra-thin Cover for ZTE Axon Pro 2015 (Crocodile grain Brown) [$9.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 7

The case has been constructed using materials that are non-toxic and environment-friendly. The case offers amazing protection for your smartphone without adding much bulk to it. The choice of material has earned this case a place on this list.

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6. ZTE Axon Pro Case, J&D [Heavy Duty Protection] [Dual Layer] Hybrid Shock Proof Fully Protective Rugged Case for ZTE Axon Pro – Blue [$7.85]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 6

The case features a double layer protection consisting of TPU and polycarbonate to provide the smartphone with the maximum protection possible. The case has been designed in a way that it imparts minimal bulk and provides easy access to all functions of the smartphone.

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5. [2-PACK]-Mr Shield For ZTE Axon Pro [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [$21.00]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 5

The price of this product is high, but you will find the case worthy of it. The package includes two pieces of tempered glass screen protector that protect the smartphone from scratches and high impact drops. The tempered glass has a surface hardness of 9H and is highly durable while being scratch resistant. It has been crafted using precision laser cutting and offers a 99.99% HD Clarity along with touchscreen accuracy.

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4. ZTE Axon Pro A1P 5200E Case, Zizo® Bolt Cover [.33mm 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector] Included [Military Grade] Armor Case Kickstand Holster [$12.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 4

The package includes a 9 H hard, 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector. The case is military grade 810-G drop test certified. The case offers shock absorbing and impact dispersion technology and has been designed with the minimalist approach. It also features a built-in kickstand for the horizontal view of media.

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3. ZTE Axon Pro Case, ZTE Axon Lux Case, LK [Shock Absorption] Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case Cover for ZTE Axon Pro / Lux (Purple) [$29.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 3

This product is the highest priced case on the list and there are a number of reasons for it. This case is worth its price. Moving on, it features a non-slip grip that helps with reducing the number of accidental drops. The front and back protection along with a beveled textured back and raised edges ensure that the smartphone is safe during everyday use. The case comes with dual impact-resistant layers created from shock absorbent and scratch resistant inner silicone cover with a durable hardback PC bumper. The case absorbs, evenly distributes and circulates any impacts into the PC bumper thus, ensuring that the smartphone remains protected. The case fits snugly and offers a Snap-On/Off design. The raised edges protect the smartphone’s screen and camera even when the phone is placed down. The case features precise cutouts for all buttons and ports.

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2. ZTE Axon Pro Case, Combo Rugged Shell Cover Holster with Built-in Kickstand and Holster Locking Belt Clip Black + HD Screen Protector + Circle(TM) Stylus Touch Screen Pen [$8.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 2

The soft rubberized coating snugly grips onto your smartphone and absorbs any bumps and shocks thus. ensuring that the phone remains safe. The hard armor case slides into a locking swivel belt clip holster and adds to the protection of the smartphone. The case also features a built-in kickstand to allow for hands-free viewing of media.

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1. ZTE Axon Pro Case, Nagebee – ZTE Axon Pro Heavy Duty Hybrid Armor Dual Layer Rhino Kickstand Belt Clip Holster Combo Rugged Case for ZTE Axon Phone (Holster Combo Black) [$6.99]10 Best Cases For ZTE Axon Pro 1

The dual layer protection ensures that your smartphone remains safe during everyday use. The hard shell has been constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and has been further reinforced using shock absorbing silicone inner sleeve. The corners have been incorporated with additional silicone for providing enhanced protection against drops. The selling company offers a 7-day money back guarantee with no question policy. The locking swivel belt clip can be locked into an extended position and provides the user with various viewing angles while making video calls or watching a movie. It can also be rotated by 180 degrees.

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