10 Best cases For Xiaomi Mi 4s

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (9)

Xiaomi Mi 4s was launched in March 2016 and has the potential to be the manufacturer’s flagship phone. The device boasts a 3GB RAM along with a 13MP camera making a powerful companion at a very affordable rate. If you recently bought the Xiaomi Mi 4s, our advice is to get a good case for your investment. So here are the 10 best cases for Xiaomi Mi 4s that you can buy.

10. Bear Life Xiaomi Mi 4s Case(9.99$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (2)

Made from synthetic leather, the case has a magnetic closure and is available in multiple colours. The rudimentary case can protect your phone any dust or grime as well.

Available Here

9. Xiaomi Mi 4S Case, Gift_Source(5.99$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (7)

This case is almost similar to the previous one only difference being that it offers a bit of pocket space. The case can also be folded to form a kickstand for your phone making it easier to watch movies/videos handsfree.

Available Here

8. AMZER Pudding Soft Gel TPU Fit Case(7.95$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (10)

Made from soft TPU, the case has the capabilities to stop the formation of scratches on your cellphone. The cover also features a raised bezel that helps protect the screen from abrasive surfaces.

Available Here

7. Xiaomi Mi4S Case DWaybox (8.99$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (6)

The dual layered case is made with silicone edges and a polycarbonate base. The product is primarily durable and even features a kickstand at the back making it easier for you to watch videos in handsfree mode.

Available Here

6. Xiaomi Mi 4S Case, iCoverCase(7.99$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (4)

Made original cowhide leather, the wallet case has a smooth, elegant texture. Thanks to the design the case boasts an executive look and can easily be used for professional occasions.

Available Here

5. Xiaomi Mi 4S Case, Vinve (12.80$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (8)

The vinve case has a unique window at the front that allows you to monitor any pending notifications without opening up the flip case every time. The case is made from a combination of polycarbonate plastic and PU leather.

Available Here

4. Xiaomi Mi 4s Casing Glitz Cover Case by Belle Trendy(13.90$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (3)

Belle trendy provides cases for a host of brands and has thus garnered a formidable reputation in the market. This dual layered case has a glossy finish and is available in 4 different colours.

Available Here

3. Xiaomi Mi 4S Case, Nicelin(7.99$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (1)

The Aluminum bumper is one of the most robust cases on our list. Due to its metallic body, the case is able to resist heavy impact forces while also making your phone look aesthetically pleasing.
Available Here

2. Xiaomi Mi 4S Case, G-WACK(2.89$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (5)

The futuristic dual layered case can save your phone from damage and degradation in more ways than one way. The cover features reinforced silicone edges and even a kickstand for hands-free needs.

Available Here

1. Xiaomi Mi 4s Case, CoverON®(5.99$)

10 Best Xiaomi Mi 4s Case (9)

One of the most rugged dual layered cases ever made. The case has strategic contours and reinforced edges along with a raised bezel to protect the screen. The case is available in a host of colours and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Available Here




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