10 Best Cases For Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (9)

Xiaomi certainly has an impressive lineup of smartphone models. This particular model has a quad-core processor that runs 5.0.2 Android Lollipop OS. The phone is equipped with 13MP camera making it a good and an affordable option against iPhones & Samsung’s Note Series. So check out this list of 10 best Xiaomi Mi 4i cases and let us know your favourite case.

10. Mi 4i Case, Nicelin(TM)(10$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (10)

Wallet case made from high-quality leather allows you to store money, credit cards and licenses along with your phone. The case provides enough protections against scratches and dirt but lacks art.
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9. Whiteoak Original Genuine Xiaomi® Mi4 Case(20$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (7)

The wooden case is unique in design. Made from the best Bamboo / Wood available, the back cover is carefully crafted to fit the contour of your hand. This case provides protection against drops and scratches.

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8. Xiaomi Mi 4i Back Cover + Tempered Glass Screen Protector(3.6$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (9)

TPU silicone gel case. This case provides rudimentary protection at an impressively low price.
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7. XIAOMI Mi 4i Case, ISWEES (8$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (8)

Made from Polycarbonate the manufacturer provides multiple colors for this case. Polycarbonate cases are hard and are ideal for protection against heavy impacts.

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6. Xiaomi Mi 4i Case, Nillkin®(5$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (2)

A super frosted shield for Mi 4i. Nillkin provides cases for many brands and, therefore, has a standard in quality. The case of Mi 4i is no different in terms of quality and made using matte dustless UV painting technology.

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5. MYLB PU Leather flip phone case cover For Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone(8$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (5)

Though the distributor is different of this case, the manufacturer is still NillKin. This one is a flip case that provides better protection for the screen against dust and scratches.

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4. Xiaomi Mi 4i Case – BESTSOOP (13$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (6)

This case is made from synthetic PU leather; it has button clip closure that is unlike most wallet cases that have a magnetic closure. The case has ample space to keep your money and cards as well.

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Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (3)

The art on this case is unique.The case is made from polycarbonate plastic that protects the body of your smartphone from hard impacts as a result of falls/drops.

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2. Casotec Triangle Background Colorful Design Hard Back Case Cover for Xiaomi Mi 4i(8$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (1)

Flamboyant case with vibrant colors. This case is also made from polycarbonate, as the material is relatively cheap and offers complete protection.

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1. Mi 4i Cover, Heavy Duty Dual Layer Shockproof / Impact Resistance(7$)

Xiaomu Mi 4i Case (4)

The dual layered case is sturdy and durable. The inner side is made from TPU while the outer layer is made from polycarbonate plastic. These type of cases provide the ultimate protection.

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