10 Best Cases For Vivo V9

The Vivo V9 is the flagship release of the year by Vivo. This selfie-centric phone has a 24mp front-camera as well as some pretty interesting specs including a 6.3″, 1080×2280 pixels display, 4GB of RAM, a 16mp main dual-camera system, a 3260mAh battery and Android Oreo 8.1. While the processor isn’t great for a flagship device, it is still, nonetheless, a very decent phone. With a 19:9, 85.2% screen-to-body ratio, the screen serves its purpose well, but is also really fragile and a case is important to keep it protected. These are the 10 best cases for Vivo V9.

 10. DWaybox Case for Vivo V9

Starting off this list, we have this simple protective case for the Vivo V9 by DWaybox. This case is lightweight, durable, sturdy and not bulky. It also provides shock-absorption with air cushions in the four corner to protect against drops. With precise cut-outs, it gives you easy access to all buttons and ports and also has a raised bezel to lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces  

Available here.

9. Codream Case for Vivo V9

Up next is the Codream case for the Vivo V9, which is another protective case. It has a proper, protective design which covers every corner of your phone, protects your phone from scratching, dropping and shocks. Full access to all ports, buttons, and functions without having to remove the skin is also promised, so your user experience is as good as ever. It’s also available in 8 different colour options, so you can make your pick.

Available here.

 8. FCS Case for Vivo V9

The next case on our list is the FCS case for the Vivo V9, which focuses more on design than on protection. These cases come in a variety of fancy designs and prints. While they do offer a certain degree of protection, this isn’t the case for you if you’re looking for the ultimate protection. If you’re really looking to express yourself with your phone case, on the other hand, then this is the case to get. 

Available here.

7. Zhusha Case for Vivo V9

Seventh on this list is the Zhusha case for the Vivo V9, a case which uses the wildly popular carbon-fiber design as its main point-of-appeal. Protection is another priority, and it is made with durable and shock-absorbing technology to effectively protect your phone against scratches, damage, dust, and dirt.  The texture at the back promises to protect against slip and drops and keep your phone easy to hold.   

Available here.

6. BasicStock Leather Case for Vivo V9

Next is this leather case by BasicStock for the Vivo V9. This case is made of PU Leather and a TPU that is equipped to absorb shock with ease. It features anti-slip technology which offers better grip and lets you hold your smartphone without any concern about it falling or slipping from your hand. Not only that, but it also has extreme back protection from drops and scratches with built-in rear guard protection to keep your phone safe and sound.  

Available here

5. Lifeepro Leather Wallet-case for Vivo V9

Fifth is the Lifeepro case for the Vivo V9. This is a leather wallet-case which provides utility as well as protection. It promises to give your phone four-corner protection by its high-quality soft TPU inner skin shell. Made of shock absorbent material, the automatic closure keeps the ‘wallet’ securely closed to protect your phone, cash, cards and more. Easy access to all buttons, camera, speakers, and connector is also ensured.

Available here

4. Lifeepro Leather Case for Vivo V9

Next on this list is another leather case by Lifeepro for the Vivo V9. This one has a notably different design to the previous leather case featured on this list. Made of smooth PU leather, it perfectly fits your phone to provide 360-degree protection. Both back and front edges are raised, meaning they both work to lift the camera and the screen higher than the contacting surface and keep them safe from unwanted hazards. Comes in 6 variants.

Available here

3. Amzer Case for Vivo V9

Entering the top-three, we have the Amzer case for the Vivo V9. A simple case, it has an elegant design which represents the intellectual inside you. The gold-on-black design adds aesdtheric value while keeping your phone safe and protected. Its raised bezel protects your screen and camera from direct impact or when lying face-down on a table or dashboard.

Available here

2. SsHhUu Case for Vivo V9

In second place, we have the SsHhUu case for the Vivo V9. This is a very nice protective case with its two-layer design providing protection against bumps, shocks, drops and dust. It can also be disassembled to allow for proper cleaning and it also has a stand for convenient video-watching and games. Comes in 7 different colours, so you can get exactly the colour you want.

Available here.

1. SCIMIN Case for Vivo V9

And to finish off this list, we have the SCIMIN case for the Vivo V9. Made from faux leather, it has a sophisticated and luxurious design also capable of providing ample protection to your phone.  It promises to add adds no extra bulk and fit perfectly in your pocket to allow for easy usage. Raised bezel on the case protects your phone’s screen from scratches and dirt, while all the different color options allow it to personalize it somewhat. 

Available here.


So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for Vivo V9. The Vivo V9 is the flagship release by Vivo for 2018 and these cases should be more than enough to serve their purpose. Stay tuned for more.

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