10 Best Cases For The HTC 10

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (4)

HTC 10 was announced in April 2016 and was build up as a flagship phone for the company. The device has impressive specs which include a 12MP camera, a 5.2″ screen, and a 4GB RAM. The phone certainly has the potential to rival the best Android phones in the market and only time will tell whether it will succeed in doing so or not. For lucky owners, here are the 10 best HTC 10 cases that you can buy right now.

10. HTC 10 case cover Love Ying(7.39$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (4)

A clear TPU case that provides basic protection. The cover saves from dust, dirt, and daily wear, therefore helping your phone maintain that brand new look a little longer.

Available Here

9. HTC 10 Case, Spigen®(12.99$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (2)

Spigen case is almost identical to the first only difference being that it has a raised bezel that protects the screen from any unnecessary damage. The case is made from soft TPU.

Available Here

8. HTC 10 Case, TUDIA(9.90$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (5)

A flexible case from TUDIA is easy to apply and remove thanks to its flexible nature. The case can absorb impacts and is available in a host of colors for you to choose from.

Available Here

7. HTC 10 Case, Starshop(8.99$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (8)

The case comes in two parts as one is the snapon cover while the other is a belt hook attachment. The case is entirely made of hard polycarbonate and also features a kickstand at the back to make it easier for you to watch videos in landscape mode.

Available Here

6. HTC One M10 Case, E LV(7.99$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (7)

A rugged dual layered case that has strategic contours to increase traction for gripping. Double layered cases like this one are made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate plastic giving them extra strength to resist even the hardest of impacts.

Available Here

5. HTC 10 Case, Cimo (7.98$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (6)

Cimo provides cell phone cases for many brands across multiple models. This particular instance is for the HTC 10 and therefore fits the phone perfectly, providing easy access to all the ports & buttons.

Available Here

4. HTC 10 Case, SUPCASE(17.99$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (10)

A dual layered rugged case that comes with reinforced edges. The solid case is favorite with many and has been made for other popular cell phones as well. The case is available in metallic black or skyblue.

Available Here

3. HTC 10 Case, i-Blason Prime(14.99$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (9)

This case also comes in two parts along with a belt hook attachment. The case has a had back, and thanks to a metallic black finish the case gives a very elegant look.

Available Here

2. HTC 10 Case, POETIC(9.95$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (1)

X-Form architecture gives the case extra durability while the side grid pattern increases traction for gripping. The case also features a raised bezel for protecting the screen.

Available Here

1. HTC 10 Case, CASEFORMERS(8.99$)

10 Best cases for HTC 10 (3)

A futuristic looking case made with a robust dual layered design. The case has everything from contoured edges, to raised bezel and even reinforced corners made from silicone. The case is also offered at a reasonable price making it our No.1 choice.

Available Here



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