10 Best Cases For Sony Xperia X

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (1)

Sony Xperia X has a powerful 23MP camera with a 3GB RAM. The 5″ screen has a bright display that enables you to see the fine quality videos. Sony is hoping that along with its sister phones, Xperia XA & Xperia X performance, the phone can attract new consumers. It is certainly a high-class phone that deserves some high-quality cases so we decided to feature an article on it. So here are the 10 best cases for Sony Xperia X that you can buy right now.

10. X-CASE Lovemei (24.99$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (4)

Made from Aluminum, this solid case can give a decent amount of protection. Along with the ability to absorb hard impacts the case has a raised bezel that protects the screen as well.

Available Here

9. Xperia X Case, ACME.BOX(7.69$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (6)

Made from soft TPU, this case provides decent rudimentary protection. The case is able to resist dirt & grime while preventing scratches, therefore helping you maintain that brand new shine much longer on your phone.

Available Here

8. Sony Xperia X Case, Yaker(7.98$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (3)

A clear case made from soft TPU that is ideal for individuals who want to preserve the natural aesthetics of their phone. The case has precise openings that provide easy access to all the ports and buttons.

Available Here

7. Xperia X Case , Vinve(8.90$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (2)

Though this case is clear just like the previous one but it is actually made from hard polycarbonate plastic. The thick plastic gives the product extra edge in resisting forces from bumps and protecting damage more efficiently.

Available Here

6. Sony Xperia X Case, EasyAcc(7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (1)

The easy Acc case has a simple design which easy to snap on and off. The robust case also has a raised bezel that helps in protecting the screen.

Available Here

5. Xperia X Case – Terrapin(7.95$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (5)

A slim fit and compact case that adds minimum bulk to your phone. Made from plastic this case also features strategic contours that increase traction for you to grip.

Available Here

4.  Perforated Back Vinve Case(7.90$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (9)

The perforated case has a unique design which makes it a standout in all the products we have listed. Made TPU the cover is easy to apply, thanks to its flexibility while being resistant to wear, dust and scratches.

Available Here

3. Sony Xperia X Case, TUDIA(9.90$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (7)

A high-quality case offered by TUDIA. The product is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane and offers a smooth matte finish body, making it suitable for every occasion.

Available Here

2. Sony Xperia X Case, CoverON®(8.99$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (8)

A dual layered case that is made from a combination of TPU and hard poly carbonate plastic. These sort of cases are the best when it comes to all-round protection as they are able to resist the hardest of impacts without damaging the phone. The only draw back they might have is that they add a bit of bulk to the phone.

Available Here

1. Sony Xperia X Case,Aomax@(9.98$)

10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X (10)

A futuristic looking case that has a dual layered design. The case features strategic contours along with reinforced edges from silicone. To enhance the versatility of the product, the manufacturer has also a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Available Here


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