10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

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10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (10)

Samsung Galaxy J3 is a low budget phone from Samsung that was given a reboot in January 2016. The phone originally ran Android Lollipop 5.0 OS and came with a decent 1.5GB RAM. The phone has done well in the developing nations and continued to enhance further its market, therefore making it yet another success for the electronics giant Samsung. For lucky owners of Samsung Galaxy J3 2016, we have listed some of the best cases available. Let us know your favourite case for Samsung galaxy J3 2016 in the comments section below.

10. J3 Case, LK Ultra(7.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (3)

The clear TPU case superbly protects your phone against dust and dirt. Since the case is so lightweight, it adds minimum bulk to the system.

Available Here

9. Galaxy J3 Case, 2-Piece Style Hybrid Shockproof Hard Case Cover(8.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (10)

The dual layered case has metallic paint that gives it a very distinct look. Since the case is made from TPU and polycarbonate, it can resist almost anything but has a bit too much weight.

Available Here

8. Galaxy J3 case, Black Dual Layer Holster with Kickstand and Belt Swivel Clip(8.45$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (9)

The two-piece case is entirely made from polycarbonate and has two attachments one is the kickstand the other the rotating belt hook swivel. The affordable case is very versatile and rugged.

Available Here

7. Galaxy J3 Case, Jaten®(9.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (7)

The matte finishes dual layered case has a robust and sleek design. Additionally, the product also has a raised lip around the edges to protect the screen against any abrasive surfaces.  Made from a premium quality material, the case is also scratch proof.

Available Here

6. Galaxy J3 Case, ATUS®(3.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (6)

Made from high-quality silicon material, the case can absorb even the highest the impacts ensuring maximum safety for your phone. Also thanks to strategic contours, the case is easy to grip making it a terrific purchase.

Available Here

5. Galaxy J3 Case, MP-Mall [Dual Layer] [Shockproof] Armor(7.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (1)

Dual Layered cases like this one are the best when it comes to protection against heavy impacts has the combined design of TPU gel and polycarbonate plastic absorbs a lot of forces. Additionally, This case is available in many colors and possesses an extended lip over the edges of the screen.

Available Here

4. Galaxy J3 Case, ATUS®(5.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (8)

We have mentioned a two piece case like this one earlier in the list but what sets this apart is that it has reinforced rubber edges. The rubber adds extra strength and even after that it is sold at a much lower cost.

Available Here

3. Galaxy J3 Case,DAMONDY Luxury Metal Air Aluminum Bumper(9.39$)

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The aluminium bumper case is unique in its self. The 100% metal case can save your phone from a lot of damage, say for example from accidental falls but also thanks to the paint finish, it has a very different look that is aesthetically pleasing.

Available Here

2. Galaxy J3 Case, Nagebee(8.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (5)

Nagebee is one of the top suppliers of cell phone cases and known to sell the best products. This case has polycarbonate body with a reinforced soft rubber layer at the top. The case also features a kickstand at the back making it easier for you to watch movies/videos in peace.

Available Here

1. COVRWARE® Galaxy J3 Case(8.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy j3 (4)

Coverware case has a futuristic design that gives it a cutting edge look. The dual layered case has a glossy metal finish and along with tapered edges, it presents a very visually pleasing design. The case even has a kickstand at the back making it extremely versatile in use.

Available Here


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