10 Best Cases For Oppo R9 Plus

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10 Best Cases for Oppo R9 Plus  (8)

Oppo R9 Plus was announced in in 2016 March and promises to be one of the flagship phones for the brand. The device has an impressive six-inch display, along with a 16MP camera and large 4GB RAM, which makes it perfectly suitable for multi-tasking. Oppo R9 plus has many cases in the market and it is hard to choose. So we have handpicked some of the best cases for Oppo R9 plus that you can buy right now.

10. KaTeLin Super Frosted Matte Shield(12.99$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo R9 Plus (10)

A super frosted matte shield that is made from hard polycarbonate. The rudimentary case is easy to snap on and remove while being available in more than ten colors for you to choose from.

Available Here

9. OPPO F1 Plus Case DWaybox(18.98$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo R9 Plus (5)

A unique wallet case that has multiple windows which make it easier for you to answer notifications without opening up the case every time. Made from synthetic leather, the case is also adequate in protecting against dust & scratches.

Available Here

8. OPPO R9 Plus Pouch Protect Case MC14 (9.99$)

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The sleeve case is made from PU leather and has a smooth external texture. The easy to use sleeve is readily available from the web or your local hardware store while looking fashionable & excellent.

Available Here

7. Oppo R9 Plus 6.0″ Case, Yaker (7.98$)

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A clear TPU case that is ideal for individuals looking to preserve the original aesthetics of their phone. The soft case can resist moderate impacts while reducing daily wear on your phone.

Available Here

6. MOONCASE OPPO R9 Plus Case(8.99$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo R9 Plus (9)

The MoonCase product features mesmerizing art on its back. Made from hard polycarbonate, the case provides ample protection against bumps, dirt, grime and even prevent scratches.  The cover is specially made for the phone, so it provides easy access to all the phone’s ports & buttons.

Available Here

5. OPPO R9 Plus Case by OpenDk(8.01$)

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This wallet case possesses a gloss finish on its exterior while being available in 5 different colors. The case offers good pocket space for you to keep your extra belongings such as money or credit cards.

Available Here

4. Acai [Purple] Oppo R9 Plus 6.0″ Phone Case (7.49$)

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One of the best wallet case regarding overall durability and pocket space provided. The case is made from faux leather and can even be folded to form a kickstand for easy handsfree viewing. The magnetic closure also keeps your belongings secure.

Available Here

3. OPPO R9 Plus Case, Nillkin®(9.49$)

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Noillkin provides cases for a variety of brands over numerous models. This frosted back case is painted using special UV technology that makes the body resistant to wear. The case provides easy access to all the button and ports.

Available Here

2. R9 Plus Case, EVERGREENBUYING (6.82$)

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A durable dual layered case that is made from a combination of polycarbonate plastic and soft TPU. The futuristic looking case has a reinforced sides and also has a kickstand at the back.

Available Here

1. OPPO R9 plus Original Aluminum Case(20.99$)


10 Best Cases for Oppo R9 Plus (3)

A distinct looking case that is made from Aluminium. The case features strategic contours to increase traction for gripping while having an aesthetic design that makes the product visually appealing. Also due to its metal structure, the case is able to absorb a high degree of forces, therefore providing premium protection.

Available Here



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