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10 Best Cases For Oppo Find X

The Oppo Find X is a one-of-a-kind phone. 5 years in the making, it breaks boundaries, bezels, and notches. It has qualities that you won’t find on any other phone. It is the closest thing we have to an ‘all-screen’ phone right now. Not only that, but it also has industry-leading specs like a Snapdragon 845 Processor, 8GB of RAM, a 6.42” FullHD display with a mind-boggling 93.8% screen-to-body ratio and an innovative camera mechanism which works flawlessly fast. Now, with all these also comes a hefty price tag and a certain degree of fragility, and getting a case to keep this phone in the wraps is very important. For this reason, we bring you the 10 best cases for Oppo Find X. Keep scrolling to see our picks.

NCTECHINC Case for Oppo Find X

Starting off this list, we have the NCTECHINC case for the Oppo Find X. Due to the Find X’s camera mechanism, it is only compatible with a specific type of case, and many accessory manufacturers have designed covers to accommodate it. The NCTECHINC case for the Oppo Find X has a bumper cushion which fully protects your phone from daily damages, and comes in a variety of colour options to enhance the beauty of an already-beautiful phone.

Available here.

JLTL Case for Oppo Find X

In ninth place is the JLTL case for the Oppo Find X. This case features a premium TPU with silicone gel, is shockproof and scratch resistant and is made with materials that can provide long-term protection while also ensuring fingerprint resistance, and dust and dirt protection. It has a thin profile with precise cuts to ensure fast access and also has a ring buckle kickstand.

Available here.

Naozbuyrig Case for Oppo Find X

The next case on our list is the Naozbuyrig case for the Oppo Find X. Another simple case, it features a crocodile-skin pattern in a wide range of colour options. This case doesn’t go for any fancy bells and whistles, and doesn’t interfere much with the phone’s design and camera mechanism. Just looking for a case to keep your phone safe from scratches? This is the case for you.

Available here.

KuGi Wallet-case for Oppo Find X

Seventh on this list is the KuGi wallet case for the Oppo Find X. Wallet cases provide some extra utility and the KuGi case for the Oppo Find X is no different. It combines wallet, id slots, and credit cards holder and standby functions together into one carrying case. The precise cut-outs ensure quick access to all your buttons and ports, while the flap ensures 360-degree protection.

Available here.

DAYJOY Leather Case for Oppo Find X

The DAYJOY leather case for the Oppo Find X is the next case on this list. Made of materials such as a silicone bumper and Alcantara leather back cover, it gives an elegant look to your phone while providing shock and scratch resistance. Looking for an exquisite case to match your exquisite personality and phone? This is the case for you.

Available here

DAYJOY Fullbody Case for Oppo Find X

Fifth is another case by DAYJOY for the Oppo Find X, this time the Fullbody case which can provide 360-degree protection to your Find X. It is maded of hard-plastic and has a unique design which can fully cover the Find X’s own unique design. It also comes in 8 different colours and provides shock and scratch resistance as well. Overall, a very solid case.

Available here

Yuqoka Battery Case for Oppo Find X

Next on this list the Yuqoka battery case for the Oppo Find X. With 7500mAh of extra battery, it greatly enhances your phone’s battery life. As with all battery cases, it adds some bulk to your phone, but if you’re someone who travels a lot and needs enough juice on-the-go, then this shouldn’t bother you at all. Comes in 3 different colours.

Available here

DAYJOY Carbon Fibre Case

In third place is yet another case by DAYJOY for the Oppo Find X. Where many manufacturers have avoided making cases for the Find X due to the design, DAYJOY has come out with even more options and this carbon-fibre textured case is another great option for Find X users. Made of silicone, it once again provides adequate shock and drop protection and gives your phone a fresh look.

Available here.

GKK Case

The second-place case on this list is this protective case by GKK for the Oppo Find X. This case has hybrid PC patterns which give a comfortable grip in your hand, a unique design with three sections which perfectly fit on to your phone and provides comprehensive protection, even for your phone screen. Not only that, but it also comes in various colour options, so you can take your pick.

Available here.

Olixar Case

In first place is the Olixar case for the Oppo Find X. It features a protective combination of TPU and fabric material, a stylish and smooth textile fabric aesthetic and a Protective yet slim fitting design adds virtually no extra bulk to your phone. It’s also made specifically for the Oppo Find X, meaning it effectively accommodates the camera mechanism, offering no hindrance to your user experience.

Available here.

Which cases for Oppo Find X is for you?

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