10 Best Cases For Oppo A72

The Oppo A72 was released alongside the A52 by Oppo this year as the other entry into its 2020 budget smartphone lineup. Both the Oppo A52 and A72 have a 6.5” screen with 1080p+ resolution (most likely an LCD). They are powered by a Snapdragon 665 chipset with 4GB of RAM. Also, there is a quad-camera on the back and a fingerprint reader on the side, plus a 3.5mm jack on the bottom. The 5,000mAh battery supports 18W fast charging. However, the A72 has a much better camera assembly and hence a bigger price tag. These are the 10 best cases for Oppo A72 Keep scrolling to see our picks.   

10. TTJ Case for Oppo A72

Starting off this list, we have the TTJ case for the Oppo A72. This is a simple case which comes in a variety of different and eye-catching designs. The case is made of silicone which provides protection for the back of your phone and keeps it safe from scratches and dust during everyday use. Precise cutouts also ensure that your usage experience is not affected. Screen protector can also come included with the package if you want.

Available here.

9. HUAYIJIE Case for Oppo A72

In ninth place is the HUAYIJIE case for the Oppo A72. This particular case is quite unconventional as cases go. Once you look past the intriguing patterns etched upon its surface, you are greeted by an interesting assortment which passes off as a phone case but doesn’t really look one at first glance. It takes a one-design-for-all approach and can be applied to other phones as well.

Available here.

 8. Gift_Source Wallet Case for Oppo A72

The next case on our list is the Gift_Source wallet case for the Oppo A72. A wallet case, this is made with premium PU leather and promises to provide four corner protection for your phone through its high quality soft TPU inner skin shell and shock absorbent material. The utility of a wallet case is also a bonus.

Available here.

7. QiongNi Case for Oppo A72

Seventh on this list is the QiongNi case for the Oppo A72. This case comes in 3 different color options and has a back made of soft TPU on the inside and a textured outside. It has an additional element of utility as well, with the 360-degree rotatable ring giving you extra security while holding it and acting as a kickstand when you want to consume media on your device. Raised lips also protect the camera from getting scratched.

Available here.

6. SMHF Case for Oppo A72

The SMHF case for the Oppo A72 is the next case on this list. This is another simple case which gives you lots of different design options to chose from. Whether its flashy and eye-catching or refined and low-key, that is completely up to you. While it may not offer the greatest protection for your phone, that is something you must have already considered when trading style for protection.

Available here.

5. YZKJ Case for Oppo A72

Fifth is the YZKJ case for the Oppo A72. This is a case that comes in a variety of flashy designs and is made of high-quality flexible silicone material to protect your precious phone from daily damage, collision, scratches and tears, accumulation of dust, and grease. The screen protector comes included as well.

Available here.

4. Gift_source Case for Oppo A72

Next on this list the Gift_source case for the Oppo A72. A simple case which comes in a variety of color options, it provides protection and shock resistance to your phone while also keeping it updated in the style department. Thanks to its various colors and textured back, it is tailor-made for those who are not looking for something too extra but still want their phone to look stylish while being kept safe.

Available here.

3. YZKJ Wallet Case for Oppo A72

In third place is the YZKJ Wallet case for the Oppo A72. This is a wallet case which comes with a screen protector included in the package. The wallet case provides 360-degree protection to your phone with the screen protector reinforcing this protection. The case itself is made of PU high quality leather and TPU which makes it practical and fashionable.

Available here.

2. FZZ Case for Oppo A72

The second-place case on this list is this case by FZZ for the Oppo A72. This is a package which can contain a screen protector in addition to the case. In short, it is the complete package for keeping your phone safe and sound. The case itself is made of high-quality silicone TPU and prevents accumulation of dust and dirt oil and comes in various different design options.

Available here.

1. HualuBro Wallet Case for Oppo A72

In first place is the HualuBro Wallet case for the Oppo A72. A wallet case, it provides 360-degree protection to your phone. This leather case provides optimal shockproof protection from everyday bumps, knocks, drops, chips, dirt, scratches and marks and ensures that your device remains protected, safe and secured at all times. The added utility is a bonus as well.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for Oppo A72. Hopefully, this helped you in making a pick for your own Oppo A72. Stay tuned for more.

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