10 Best Cases For Nokia 6.2

The Nokia 6.2 is the latest rendition of the Nokia 6-series of smartphones. The Nokia 6.2 is a cheaper alternative to the Nokia 7.2. It has the same large screen with HDR10 support and the triple-camera setup, but its more affordable owing to downgrades of the chipset and the selfie camera. As always, we bring you the 10 best cases for Nokia 6.2.

 10. AVIDET Case for Nokia 6.2

Tenth on this list is the AVIDET case for the Nokia 6.2. This case is made with a Silicone TPU that is soft to the touch and works toward preserving the beauty and the size of the phone pretty well. It’s also easy-to-grip and fairly light. The camera and button cut-outs don’t hinder your usage and it should be able to protect your phone from everyday bumps, scratches, dust, and fingerprints. 

Available here.

9. Olixar Gel Case for Nokia 6.2

In ninth place is the Olixar Gel case for the Nokia 6.2. This case is made from a strong, durable material which uses a non-slip coating to the case for extra grip and long-lasting protection. The slim design also makes sure that no additional bulk is added to your phone and the raised bezels protect your screen from scratches and dirt. 

Available here.

 8. Happon Wallet Case for Nokia 6.2

Next is the Happon wallet case for the Nokia 6.2. It promises to be made of a premium PU leather and durable polycarbonate inner shell, providing 360-degree full protection and effectively protecting your phone from scratch, drop, dust and dirt.

Available here.

7. PUSHIMIE Transparent Case for Nokia 6.2

Seventh on this list is the PUSHIMIE case for the Nokia 6.2. This transparent case is made of a high-quality TPU material that gives your phone great protection and soft touch, while the built-in air pockets and anti-shock system in 4 corners offer maximum shock-absorption, with the raised corners safeguarding against hard impacts.

Available here.

6. PULEN Case for Nokia 6.2

The next case on the list is the PULEN case for the Nokia 6.2. Pulen is a company known for their screen protectors but their transparent case is also a top-quality product. Specially designed for the most fragile four corners of the phone, it gives your phone a much more powerful cushion in case of shocks and impacts. It also maintains the original look of your phone due to it being a transparent case.

Available here.

5. Sucnakp Case for Nokia 6.2

Fifth is the Sucnakp case for the Nokia 6.2. This case has accurate cutouts and ensures the optimal user experience with easy and quick installation. The soft TPU hugs your phone comfortably, meaning it fits onto your hand like the phone normally would without any cover.

Available here.

4. Olixar Clear Case for Nokia 6.2

The next case on the list is the Olixar Clear case for the Nokia 6.2. It features a protective TPU material and a stylish and protective yet slim-fitting design which adds virtually no extra bulk to your phone. It’s also made specifically for the Nokia 6.2, offering no hindrance to your user experience.

Available here.

3. SLEO Case for Nokia 6.2

Third on our list of the 10 best cases for Nokia 6.2 is the SLEO case. Made of high quality, anti-scratch TPU without any touch sensibility problems, it also takes care of easy installation and feels comfortable and soft in your hand. Protection for all 4 corners is ensured and of course, being a transparent case, the original aesthetic appeal of your phone is preserved.

Available here.

2. MYLBOO Transparent Case for Nokia 6.2

In second place, we have the MYLBOO case for the Nokia 6.2. This is a transparent case that comes with a screen protector included which eliminates the need for an additional purchase while keeping your screen as well as the back of the phone scratch and shatter-free.

Available here.

1. SKTGSLAMY Case for Nokia 6.2

And to top off this list of the 10 best cases for Nokia 6.2, we have the SKTGSLMY case. This case doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles, but what it does have are accurate cutouts, easy installation, full edge protection, it’s easy to clean, anti-fingerprint qualities and a soft TPU which fits your phone perfectly, not loose or too tight.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for Nokia 6.2. The Nokia 6.2 is a great smartphone and these cases should be more than enough to keep it protected and stylish. Stay tuned for more.

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