10 Best Cases For Nokia 2.2

The Nokia 2.2 is the successor to the budget Nokia 2.1 launched a year before. As far as upgrades go, the Nokia 2.2 is a major bump from last year’s Nokia 2.1. It’s not just the design that gets an overhaul, but also the internals. More importantly, it’s the software. While the Nokia 2.1 was an Android Go phone, the Nokia 2.2 comes as an Android One device, which means a much cleaner interface and faster updates. We bring you the 10 best cases for Nokia 2.2.

 10. kwmobile Case for Nokia 2.2

Tenth on this list is the kwmobile case for the Nokia 2.2. Made specifically for the Nokia 2.2, it is made of a soft and flexible material that provides ultimate non-slip grip while feeling smooth to the touch and also protects against shocks, falls, drops, scratches and bumps with its high-quality shock-absorbing rubber.

Available here.

9. CruzerLite Case for Nokia 2.2

In ninth place is the CruzerLite case for the Nokia 2.2. It fits snugly onto your phone and is made of soft durable TPU, Slim & Flexible make it easy to apply and remove. The textured back adds grip and prevents slipping while the improved damage resistance keeps your phone safe and sound.

Available here.

 8. Leychan Case for Nokia 2.2

Next is the Leychan case for the Nokia 2.2. Made of 1.5mm thin environmentally friendly upgraded TPU material, this case effectively delays aging and discolouring when exposed to sunlight. The micro-dot pattern at the back prevents slipping and the precise cutouts ensure the optimal user experience.

Available here.

7. AVIDET Case for Nokia 2.2

Seventh on this list is the AVIDET case for the Nokia 2.2. This case is made with a Silicone TPU that is soft to the touch and works toward preserving the beauty and the size of the phone pretty well. It’s also easy-to-grip and fairly light. The camera and button cut-outs don’t hinder your usage and it should be able to protect your phone from everyday bumps, scratches, dust and fingerprints. 

Available here.

6. SLEO Case for Nokia 2.2

The next case on the list is the SLEO case for the Nokia 2.2. Made of a high quality, anti-scratch TPU without any touch sensibility problems, it also takes care of easy installation and feels comfortable and soft in your hand. Protection for all 4 corners is also ensured.

Available here.

5. MAIKEZI Case for Nokia 2.2

Fifth is the MAIKEZI case for the Nokia 2.2. Designed to fit your phone perfectly, it puts zero barriers in the way of you using your phone while keeping it protected as well. In the style department, it features a carbon fiber design which is wildly popular with customers these days. Protection, style and precision, this case checks a lot of boxes.

Available here.

4. MYLBOO Case for Nokia 2.2

The next case on the list is the MYLBOO case for the Nokia 2.2. Specifically designed for the 2.2, it comes in a handful of designs and colors. All buttons are easily accessible while the unique 3-in-1 matte design looks very easy on the eye. For less than 10 dollars, it doesn’t really get much better than this.

Available here.

3. Dretal Case for Nokia 2.2

Third on our list of the 10 best cases for Nokia 2.2 is the Dretal case. This is an environmentally-friendly case made of a non-toxic and harmless TPU which displays the eye-catching back as well as keeping it safe and scratch-free. The bumpers at the corners protect against drops and shocks and easy installation and removal are ensured as well.

Available here.

2. PUSHIMIE Transparent Case for Nokia 2.2

In second place, we have the PUSHIMIE case for the Nokia 2.2. This transparent case is made of a high-quality TPU material which gives your phone great protection and soft touch, while the built-in air pockets and anti-shock system in 4 corners offer maximum shock-absorption, with the raised corners safeguarding against hard impacts.

Available here.

1. MYLB Case for Nokia 2.2

And to top off this list of the 10 best cases for Nokia 2.2, we have the MYLB case. A simple and straightforward case with a variety of color options, it also does a good job of keeping your phone well and truly protected. Precise cut-outs ensure the optimal user experience while the design also takes into account camera and button placement.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for Nokia 2.2. The Nokia 2.2 is a great smartphone and these cases should be more than enough to keep it protected and stylish. Stay tuned for more.

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