10 Best Cases For Microsoft Lumia 540

Best Lumia 540 CASES (11)

Microsoft has tried really tried hard to compete with Android and iOS  using the Nokia hardware. This phone is just another extension of Microsoft’s and Nokia’s combine efforts. Released in 2015 May, this phone has captured a reasonable market but in reality, has not defeated the Samsung or iPhone juggernauts. Check out these 10 best cases for Microsoft Lumia 540 that you should consider.

10. Microsoft Lumia 540 Case, Mama Mouth(8$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (4)

The case is made from fine PU leather and can be folded to form a kickstand which enables you to watch videos/movies with ease.
You can get one here

9. Lumia 540 Case, iCoverCase(6$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (9)

Made from high-quality leather this case is very light. Due to its design, it provides excellent protection against drops and dirt.
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8. Microsoft Lumia 540 Case – BESTSOOP(13$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (1)

Another wallet case but this one is far more spacious. More space means that you can keep more cards, licenses and money. This case does not have magnet but rather a clip to close the case.
You can get one here

7. Lumia 540 Phone Case, Bastex (8$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (8)

A durable case made from silicone. The case provides access to all the phones buttons thus allowing you to utilize your phone’s entire functionality.
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6. For Microsoft Lumia 540 , ivencase(6$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (5)

Excellent art on this case gives it a distinct look. Wallet case has ample space so that you can carry most of your stuff. Again it can flipped for easy viewing.
You can get one here

5. Yakamoz PU Leather(3$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (6)

This case fits perfectly on Nokia Lumia 540. Overall build of this wallet case is very solid which means it is very durable and can protect your phone dirt and drops.
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4. Microsoft Lumia 540 Case(5$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (10)

A soft TPU case which flexible and light. The flexibility means that it easy to install or remove this case. The soft TPU material also provides resistance to shocks.
You can get one here

3. ONX3® ( Black ) Microsoft Lumia 540 (10$)

Best Lumia 540 CASES (11)

Made from strong thermoplastic material makes the case shockproof. The elegant design means it is suitable for formal occasions and on top of that, the manufacturer provides different colors.
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2. Protective Soft Gel TPU Case Cover For Microsoft Nokia Lumia 540 (5$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (3)

This one adds to a collection of TPU cases on our list. This one gets the nod for its cute and adorable art.
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1. Fone-Case  Microsoft Lumia 540(7$)

Best Lumia 540 Cases (7)

This case has one of the unique designs. It is slim yet provides very good protection. The manufacturer offers stylus pen, screen protectors and headphones within the same price.
You can get one here

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