10 Best Cases For LG Magna

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Best LG Magna Cases (6)

LG continues to make sure that Samsung is not the only one ruling the roost when it comes to Android OS operated smart phones. This phone is right up to the mark of the newest Samsung offerings. Announced in 2015 February this phone has a good market and due to that, LG has definitely been able to stake its claim as a good smart phone manufacturer but whether it defeats Samsung or not remains to be seen. Check out these 10 best cases for LG Magna that you need to buy for your phone.

10. LG MAGNA PU case, KuGi ®(11$)

Best LG Magna Cases (1)

Slim leather case with multi-angle stand. The soft silicone lining gives your phone protection against drops.
You can get one here

9. Wydan Case(11$)

Best LG Magna Cases (10)

Perfectly fits LG Magna phone.All openings are precisely cut to allow full access to all the wireless device functions – the dock connector, charger, side buttons, speaker, microphone and camera. Also includes Wydan Pen.
You can get one here

8. [Astro Armor] Hybrid Impact Protection(9$)

Best LG Magna Cases (4)

A dual layer case with Polycarbonate outer and TPU inner shell. For the price, the case offers excellent protection from almost everything and the design is eye catchy too.
You can get one here

7. Queenbox LG Magna Case(2$)

Best LG Magna Cases (3)

Cute and adorable are the two words that leap into mind while looking at this case. The case is also lightweight since it is entirely made of TPU.
You can get one here

6. [Green Owl](White/Teal)UNIQUITI(12$)

Best LG Magna Cases (6)

Another dual layered TPU+Polycarbonate case. The bright colors of the design make this one of the few artistic pieces out there.
You can get one here

5. LG Magna Case, E-Time (TM)(8$)

Best LG Magna Cases (9)

Dual layered TUFF case. It has a smooth finish but with abrasive cuttings on the sides which provide good grip.
You can get one here

4. LG Magna case, by BC(7.7$)

Best LG Magna Cases (2)

This one comes with an inspirational message. Though it does not offer as much protection as dual layered cases but since we thought it looked so good on the LG Magna phone, we gave it a higher rating.
You can get one here

3. EC™ LG Magna Case(8$)

Best LG Magna Cases (5)

A very rugged case with a built-in kickstand, and comes with a rotating belt swivel. This case is also dual-layered providing ample protection.
You can get one here

2. DuroCase ® LG Magna Case(10$)

Best LG Magna Cases (8)

Hard Plastic shock proof case. The case is also shipped with a rotating belt swivel. The Wolf art on the back also looks magnificent.
You can get one here

1. LG Magna Phone Case Tough Armor Case, The Smart Choice (TM)(5$)

Best LG Magna Cases (7)

A Multi-layered case that provides premium protection. The design reinforces weak corners and additional rubber grips are installed too. We believe this lightweight case is the best one available for LG Magna.
You can get one here



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