10 Best Cases For LG G4 Beat

Best case for LG G4 Beat (1)

It is  safe to say that LG G4 beat will inherit flagship potential from LG G4. Banking on the popularity of G4, LG has launched another installment. It would not have all the features of LG G4 as it is targeted for more budget conscious people. It is only after its release somewhere in Q3 2015, we would have the data to judge its success. Check out this list of 10 best cases for LG G4 beat and let us know your favourite case in the comments section.

10. LG G4 Beat Case, Vogue Shop (8$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (7)

Vogue shop has an excellent variety of cases. The wallet case in general, comes in handy as they can carry your money, cards or licenses.
You can get one here

9. LG G4 Beat Case, AERO ARMOR(10$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (9)

A dual layered case for maximum protection against drops. Textured holes give it a distinct look as well. Light weight and durable, this case is a fine accessory to your smart phone.
You can get one here

8. LG G4 Case, Sophia Shop(2$+6$shipping)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (10)

Another PU leather wallet case in our list. The art on this one is just stunning and it is the case’s overall aesthetic appeal that made us put it in our list.
You can get one here

7. LG G4 Beat Case, LK Ultra [Slim Thin] (8$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (1)

A soft silicon case for your smartphone is the most affordable protection against drops and scratches . This case is simple and not purely artistic, but it gets the job done.
You can get one here

6. LG G4 Beat Case – BESTSOOP(10$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (3)

Designed specifically for LG G4 beat, this case fits perfectly on your phone. It provides access to all buttons and ports, even allowing charging without the removal of the case.
You can get one here

5. LG G4 Beat Case, Tauri [Kickstand](11$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (2)

A tough dual layered case which can withstand everything. TPU inner layer and a harder Polycarbonate outer layer gives exceptional protection. It also has a rotating belt clip swivel allowing multiple positions for carriage.
You can get one here

4. LG G4 Beat Case, GMYLE Book Case(7$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (4)

We have covered a case that’s quite similar to this one for an other phone as well. Made from fine PU leather this case looks very elegant and can be used for multiple occasions.
You can get one here

3. Slim PU Wallet Case by Deego(7.50$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (6)

This wallet case has a feature of a folding kickstand making it easier for you to watch videos/movies in landscape mode. Coupled with eye-catching design, this case is a must have
You can get one here

2. LG G4 Beat Case, CoverBot (10$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (5)

Made from hard plastic this case provides 10/10 protection. You can also fold this case to make a kickstand for your phone. It has precise cuttings for easy access to all your ports and buttons.
You can get one here

1. Beach Seaboat, Embossed Black PU Leather by Viran(14.70$)

Best case for LG G4 Beat (8)

One of the most expensive cases on our list.It has a belt holster and an elastic pull strap for easy removal of the phone anytime.
You can get one here

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