10 Best Cases for LG Class That Add Style and Protection

Best Cases for LG Class (5)

LG Class was released in October 2015 and has a 13Mp camera with 2GB RAM making it fairly powerful. It will be intriguing to see how it fares in the market.

10. LG case, KuGi ® (11$)

Best Cases for LG Class (8)

This is a simple case made from thin PU leather and features a unique cut out to access your mobile. Though as a negative this case is generic and not specific for LG class.

9. LG Class Case, DGtle Anti-Scratches TPU Gel Premium Slim Flexible Soft Bumper (8$)

Best Cases for LG Class (9)

A rudimentary TPU soft case. This clear case provides enough protection from dust and dirt but will not do much against impacts.

8. LG Class Case, Nagebee (8$)

Best Cases for LG Class (3)

This is a splendid wallet case. The case has a magnetic closure along with ample pocket space. The case can also double as a kickstand.

7. LG Class Case, Tauri (9$)

Best Cases for LG Class (1)

A flamboyant dual layered case. The case is lined with a TPU interior and a hard polycarbonate exterior.

6. LG Class Case, LK [Shock Absorption] (8$)

Best Cases for LG Class (4)

This is another dual layered case but far better grip. The case is also available in many colors to better match your taste.

5. LG Class Wallet Case (10$)

Best Cases for LG Class (2)

This is a luxurious wallet case with  huge amount of pocket space. What sets this case apart is that the leather covering is exceptionally thick which is very useful for resisting impacts.

4. LG Class Case, LK Ultra (8$)

Best Cases for LG Class (6)

This case is actually very good value for money. The case is made by a popular manufacturer and specifically designed for the phone.

3. DIABLO Series Tough Rugged Dual Layer Protection (9$)

Best Cases for LG Class (10)

There is not much wrong with this case elegant, classy and yet provides very good protection. The case even features a kickstand. Get one here.

2. LG Class Case, Jaten® (13$)

Best Cases for LG Class (5)

A dual part case. The case is entirely made from hard plastics and comprises two parts. First is the case it self, second  is the belt clip holster which makes it very unique. Get one here.

1. LG Case by JKcase (7$)

Best Cases for LG Class (7)

We have covered a similar case in the list. But this case has far better dual layered lining and if you combine that by the low price you have our no.1. Get one here.

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