10 Best Cases For Lenovo Vibe K5

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10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (3)

Lenovo Vibe K5 was launched in April 2016 and features a 5″ screen along with a 13MP camera. The device runs on Android 5 Lollipop OS and due to its comparatively low RAM of 2GB, it may not favor multi-tasking. It is still too early to speculate on the phone’s market potential and only time will tell if Lenovo can hold its own against the likes of Samsung & Apple in the smartphone world. For those who own this smartphone, here are the 10 best cases for lenovo Vibe K5

10. Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Case, IVSO(6.50$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (4)

The IVSO case is made from clear TPU which makes it ideal for individuals who want to preserve the original aesthetics of their phones. The Simplistic case provides adequate protection against dust and grime.

Available Here

9. Lenovo Lemon K5 Case, Vinve (7.90$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (8)

Much like the previous model, this case is also made from clear TPU. But this product has one key difference that being its raised bezel that protects the screen.

Available Here

8. Gukas Color Design PU Wallet(9.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (7)

A red leather wallet case that comes with a magnetic closure. The wallet case easily saves your from daily wear while providing an elegant look fit for an executive.

Available Here

7. Cell_B Case of Lenovo Vibe K5(12.90$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (6)

Made from silicone jell, this case has a picture of a cassette at the back. The visually appealing case can resist any damage from impacts to your phone while keeping it looking brand new for a much longer time.

Available Here

6. Lenovo Vibe K5 Case,LYO(1.88$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (5)

Made from PU leather, the case offers mesmerizing art to showcase everyone. The distinct looking case is also really cheap and if consider the amount of pocket space it provides, the case is certainly a bargain.

Available Here

5. Lenovo Vibe K5 Case, Enjoy Sunlight (1.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (1)

This wallet case follows a similar pattern of the previous one, only difference being that it can be folded to form a kickstand for easy handsfree viewing.

Available Here

4. ONX3® ( Baby Pink ) Lenovo Vibe k5 Case(8.49$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (9)

A vertical wallet case that has its own magnetic closure. Made from thick faux leather, the case can certainly absorb bumps while reducing daily wear on your phone.

Available Here

3. AMZER Hybrid Warrior Impact Resistant Case(7.95$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (2)

A robust dual layered case that is made from a combination soft TPU and hard polycarbonate plastic. These sort of cases are some of the toughest, but some of them may add unnecessarily.

Available Here

2. MOONCASE Lenovo Vibe K5 Case(7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (3)

Much like the previous one, this case also is dual layered but possesses a kickstand at the back. This case also has reinforced sides that provide extra protection.

Available Here

1. DMG Rugged Hard Back Cover Kickstand Armor Case For Lenovo Vibe K5(12$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo K5 (10)

A rugged case that has a dual layered design and strategic contours to increase traction for gripping. The versatile case has a kickstand along with a raised bezel to protect the screen. Overall the best case for the K5 available in the market today.

Available Here



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