10 Best Cases For Lenovo Lemon 3

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10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (7)

Lenovo Lemon 3 is also known by the name of Lenovo Vibe K5 plus. The phone was released in January 2016 and boasts a 5″ screen with 13MP camera and a 2GB RAM. The phone has been marketed as a budget buy and so far the early numbers are pretty good. Here are the 10 best cases for the Lenovo Lemon 3.

10. Vangoddy Poly Compact Universal Nylon Wallet Carrying Case(5.46$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (10)

A simple leather case that comes with a belt hook holster. The horizontal flip case has a magnetic closure and can be used with a variety of cell phones, thanks to its generic design.

Available Here

9. Lenovo Vibe K5/ Lemon 3 case, KuGi(3.50$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (5)

One of the most rudimentary cases on our list, the cover is made from soft TPU and provides the most basic of protection. The case is clear, so it is also ideal for people looking to preserve the original aesthetics of their phone.

Available Here

8. Vinve Soft Case for Lemon 3(7.90$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (8)

Another clear case, but this one is made specially designed for Lenovo Lemon 3 so it provides easy access to all the ports and buttons of the phone. The handy case also has a raised bezel to protect the screen from scratches.

Available Here

7. caseroxx TPU case for Lenovo Lemon 3(11.44$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (9)

The translucent case is available in many different colors and fits snugly to the Lemon 3. The cover also has precise openings for speaker, buttons and ports.

Available Here

6. Gift_Source  Wallet Case for Lemon 3(5.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (6)

This wallet case offers the most amount of pocket space as compared to all. Made from thick synthetic PU leather, this wallet case also offers tons of pocket space that help you keep all your extra stuff such as money or credit cards.

Available Here

5. IVSO Lemon 3 case (6.50$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (2)

The robust and flexible TPU cover is easy to apply and remove. The case has reinforced edges and is available in a host of colors for you to choose from. The product is also backed with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Available Here

4.  ONX3® Lenovo Lemon 3 case(8.49$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (1)

A distinct looking vertical case that is made from synthetic PU leather. The case is available in a total of 13 colors and has a rotating belt hook holster, making it easier for you to carry your phone.

Available Here

3. Army Look World Map Radar War Design Lenovo Lemon 3 Case(14.90$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (4)

Made from patented UV painting technology, the case has durable yet clearly printed art on the back. The picture above just showcases one of the designs as you select from a variety of options. The case is entirely made from TPU silicone.

Available Here

2. DMG Rugged Back Cover Mesh Kickstand Armor Case(12$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (7)

A rugged dual layered case that is made from a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate plastic. The case able to resist even the hardest of impacts & features a kickstand to ease handsfree viewing.

Available Here

1. Amzer Impact Resistant Carrying Case for Lenovo Lemon 3(9.28$)

10 Best Cases for Lenovo Lemon 3 (3)

Amzer is one of the premium brands to provide cell phone cases online and they have certainly not disappointed with this model. A strong dual layered case that has reinforced edges and strategic contours that enhance traction for gripping.

Available Here



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