10 Best Cases For iPhone XS Max

It’s that time of the year again, when the geniuses at Cupertino, CL treat us to another year’s worth of iPhones. This year, there are 3 new models. The successor to iPhone X, called XS. A ‘Plus’ version of the XS, called the XS Max and a ‘budget’ model, dubbed the iPhone XR. The XS has a 6.5” Super Retina, OLED display which is all-screen except for the infamous notch at the top. Now, this phone also comes with a hefty price tag and keeping it well-protected is essential for your usage as well as your wallet. For this reason, we bring you the 10 best cases for iPhone XS Max. Check them out below!

10. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for iPhone XS Max

Starting off this list, we have the Spigen Rugged Armour case for the iPhone XS Max. Adequate protection, good looks and a distinct carbon-fibre design, this case has it all. It features a flexible TPU and air cushion technology for shock absorption. Sleek and simple, the carbon-fibre textures add to the aesthetic while keeping your phone safe, making it one of the best cases you can buy for the iPhone XS Max. Spigen once again delivers with a top-quality case, this time for the iPhone XS Max.

Available here.

9. Trianium Clarium Case for iPhone XS Max

In ninth place is the Trianium Clarium case for the iPhone XS Max. A transparent case, it does a great job of protecting your phone without interfering much with the design. It has a shock-absorbing, scratch-resistant bumper and a durable polycarbonate backplate which provides long-lasting protection from scratches, scrapes and everyday wear. This case also has a super slim profile and an easy grip to keep your phone safe and sound.

Available here.

8. Ringke Fusion-X Case for iPhone XS Max

The thing about iPhones is that every major accessory brand brings its A-game when it comes to their products, and Ringke is no different. The Fusion-X case features tough MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection with reinforced inner and outer corner barriers which serve to protect against falls or drops while keeping a slim and sleek profile. Wireless charging compatibility is also present, meaning you won’t to take it off again and again.

Available here.

7. Zizo Bolt Case for iPhone XS Max

Seventh on this list is the Zizo Bolt case for the iPhone XS Max, which is one of the fancier cases on this list with its striking colour pallet and aggressive design. Protection is no problem at all, as it meets 12 ft. Military Grade 810.1-G Compliancy certified to protect your phone. It also comes equipped with a built-in kickstand, meaning you can enjoy your phone hands-free at your leisure. It also throws in a 9H-hard screen protector for good measure, ensuring 360-degree protection.

Available here.

6. SUPCASE Unicorn Case for iPhone XS Max

The next case on the list is the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Case for the iPhone XS Max. Constructed of high-grade polycarbonate and TPU materials, it combines a minimalist design-language with sturdy drop defence. The transparent back cover offers invisible scratch-resistance, while the edges ensure that the phone screen and camera lenses are recessed and protected against contact with flat surfaces. Precise cut-outs mean that your user experience is unhindered.

Available here

5. Maxboost Wallet-Case for iPhone XS Max

Now for some utility as well as protection. The Maxboost wallet case happens to have both. It features 3 card slots and a side-pocket for money or additional cards. The magnetic lock design keeps everything safe while the kickstand feature adds additional utility. As is the case with wallet-cases, it promises 360-degree protection with its leather front cover.

Available here

4. Caseology Skyfall Case for iPhone XS Max

Next on this list the Caseology Skyfall case for the iPhone XS Max. Another case with a transparent back, it makes sure your shiny new iPhone looks as beautiful as ever. Its protective frame is designed to perfectly match the color of your phone and provides durable corner cushion protection against drops and other hazards. The slim and lightweight design combines dual layers of TPU and PC material to protect your phone without adding to its bulk.

Available here

3. i-Blason Ares Case for iPhone XS Max

In third place is the i-Blason Ares case for the iPhone XS Max. Not only does this casse add aesthetic value to your phone, it also provides 360-degree protection with its built-in screen protector. It has a robust, multi-layered TPU bumper which absorbs any damage during drops and falls, while its cushioned corners create enhanced security during drops and falls while the screen protector eliminates the need for a separate purchase.

Available here.

2. Torras Marble Case for iPhone XS Max

The Torras Marble case for the iPhone XS Max takes second place in this list. This case has a rather unconventional design with a marble-pattern design at the back. It fits snugly on to your phone, has an adequate level of protection with raised bezels to keep your camera protected, supports wireless charging and has an eye-catching design. Overall, a very solid case.

Available here.

1. Luvvitt Case for iPhone XS Max

In first place is the Luvvitt case for the iPhone XS Max. The new iPhone has a really striking design and transparent cases are the best way to keep it protected while complementing the already-existing design. The Luvvitt case has reinforced air pockets inside four corners of the bumper, combined with the unique multi-direction pattern inside the back cover that absorbs and distributes the shocks to provide the best drop protection for your phone. This makes the Luvvitt case the top case in our list of the 10 best cases for the iPhone XS Max.

Available here.


So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for iPhone XS Max. The XS Max is the latest and greatest iPhone and these cases should serve their purpose well. Stay tuned for more.

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