10 Best Cases For Huawei Honor V8

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (3)

Announced in May 2016, the phone has a 12MP camera and a 4GB RAM. The phone has a 3500mAh battery which is bigger than most and makes the phone at the pinnacle of the Android market. Though it is too early to comment on the sales of the phone, Huawei would be hoping it can make them the spearhead of the Android market. For those who plan on getting this phone, here are the 10 best cases for Huawei Honor V8 that you should consider.

10. Bayke / New Huawei Honor V8 Car Mount Case(13.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (2)

The car mount case is made from polycarbonate plastic and is available in multiple colors. The simple case can be attached simply using a glue sticker at the bottom.

Available Here

9. New Huawei Honor V8 Car Mount, 360 Rotation(13.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (1)

Though the case looks similar to the one before, what makes it different is the soft padding that protects the phone. The case has an armature that can be rotated 360 degrees which make it extra versatile.

Available Here

8. fitBAG Techno Black custom tailored sleeve for Huawei Honor V8(17.90$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (7)

A simple case that serves as a sleeve for your phone. The case is made from synthetic leather and protects your phone against daily wear & tear.

Available Here

7. Huawei Honor V8 Clear case, KuGi ®(4.50$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (10)

A clear case that is made from polycarbonate. This sort of case is ideal for people looking to preserve the original aesthetics of their phone while having to protect against daily wear.

Available Here

6. Huawei Honor V8 case, KuGi (6.50$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (5)

Made from frosted polycarbonate, this case has been painted using UV technology. The elegant case is available in a total of  6 colors. Since it is flexible, it is easy to slip and slide on your phone.

Available Here

5. Huawei Honor V8 case TopAce(6.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (3)

Made from polycarbonate, this case has a raised bevel that helps to protect the screen. The case is specifically designed for Huawei Honor V8, so it provides easy access to all the buttons & ports.

Available Here

4. Huawei Honor V8 Case by iTalkOnline(6.32$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (4)

This waterproof case can be versatile. The product is usually used when exercising and when you do not want the phone dangling around in your pocket. The case provides easy access to an Aux port while you can affably use the touch screen when the phone is inside the case.

Available Here

3. Huawei Honor V8 Cases Wallet case by TopAce(6.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (8)

A solid wallet case that is made from the thickest of the synthetic leathers. The case has a magnetic closure and offers multiple pockets to keep all of your extra stuff.

Available Here

2. Huawei Honor V8 Case, IVSO(7.95$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (6)

Wallet case that has a unique window so that you can see your notifications without opening up the flip case every time. The wallet case can also be folded to form a kickstand for handsfree viewing.

Available Here

1. Huawei Honor V8 Case, IVSO with textured lining (7.95$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei Honor V8 (9)

Another wallet case from the same brand but this one has a different texture of the fabric. The case also has a circular window but follows the same wallet style design.

Available Here


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