10 Best Cases For Huawei GX8

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (3)

Launched in January 2016, the impressive phone comes with a large 5.5″ screen, 2GB RAM, and a powerful 12MP camera. The single Sim smart phone did well in the first quarter of 2016 and cemented Huawei’s place as the main contender to Samsung in the Android market. Seeing the rising popularity of the phone, we decided to cover the best cases available for the Huawei GX8, so have a look and let us know which case is your favorite.

10. Huawei GX8 Case, Sparin (8.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (6)

A clear TPU case that is both light weight and compact. The product is excellent in providing protection against dust, dirt and scratches so, therefore, helping you maintain that brand-new look on your phone a little bit longer.

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9. Huawei G8 / GX8 case, KuGi ®(10.50$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (1)

Made from polycarbonate, this hard frosted back case can resist moderate to light impacts on the phone. The elegant case has precise openings for all the buttons and is offered in multiple colors for you to choose from.

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8. Huawei GX8 Phone Wristlet case with I.D and Card Holder(12.49$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (5)

Made from faux leather, this wallet case has a magnetic closure and comes with a leather strap that helps you to carry the device around. The wallet case also offers a good amount of pocket space.

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7. Huawei GX8 Wallet Case – Asmart(12.80$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (2)

This wallet case has a unique window in the front panel that allows you to see and answer notifications without you opening the cover every time. The product can also be folded to form a kickstand for your phone.

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6. Huawei GX8 Case, J&D(7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (7)

A shock resistant case that has a smooth matte finished body. The cover also gas has a raised bezel that protects the screen from any unnecessary damage.

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5. Huawei GX8 Case, J&D [Wallet Stand](11.85$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (10)

One of the best wallet cases on our list. The premium leather cover has ample amount of pocket space and has a magnetic closure to secure your belongings. The case also easily folds to form a kickstand.

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4. Huawei GX8 Case, Harryshell(TM)(1.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (8)

A soft case that has perhaps the most mesmerizing art on its back. The case is made from TPU and can resist bumps while also protecting from scratches. The product is offered at a great price, making it one of the best value for money buys.

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3. kwmobile Elegant and light weight Crystal Case Design fairy for Huawei G8 / GX8(7.90$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (9)

A soft TPU case with a with a silicone bumper around the edges. The case is predominantly clear with minor art etched on the back, giving it pleasing aesthetics.

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2. Huawei GX8 Case ,Leevin(TM)(9.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (3)

A dual layered case that is made from a combination of polycarbonate plastic and soft TPU. The stylish case even has metal buttons that fit perfectly on top of the phone. The shiny cover offers robust protect while boosting your device’s aesthetics.

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1. MOONCASE Huawei G8 Case Detachable 2 in 1 Hybrid Armor Case(7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Huawei GX8 (4)

A dual layered case with a futuristic design. The cover features chamfered edges and reinforced silicone edges along with a kickstand at the back that helps in hands-free viewing.

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