10 Best Cases for Galaxy Note 4

Best case for note 4 11

Who wants to buy Apple when you can purchase an Android, right? We are talking about the new Galaxy Note 4 that is, yes, out in the market and ready to blow you all away. However, if you’re going to purchase such an expensive phone, it only makes sense that you purchase the right cover for them as well. So, here we are with a list of top 10 cases for Galaxy Note 4. Have a read and let us know what you think!

10. Galaxy Note 4 Case, i-BlasonBest case for note 4

First stop is this awesome case by i-Blason that is scratch resistant and has been coated with TPU bumper to protect your Note 4 from getting any damage. The front has raised edges to impart protection to screen even you place it face down. The anti-slip texture allows your Galaxy Note 4 to have a better grip on surfaces. This will cost you $9.99. You can buy one here

9. Galaxy Note 4 Case, CaseologyBest case for note 4 2

Second stop; we are looking at a case by Caseology made of TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane) and is resistant when it comes to oil, scratches, dirt and has finished look that is similar to a hard case but imparts shock absorbing capabilities akin to any soft case. It has been made by manufactures who are leading case makers in South Korea. It will cost you $9.99 too. You can buy one here

8. Galaxy Note 4 Case, ObliqBest case for note 4 3

This case has been created by Obliq and comes with a price tag of $4.95 while being slim and form fitting. It has precise cutouts while imparting the jelly feel and a rugged texture. The material is flexible yet strong enough to take some rough usage. The side grip is pretty good and shall prevent any accidental dropping. It also comes with the TPU to prevent dust accumulation and yellowing of the case. You can buy one here

7. Galaxy Note 4 Case, ACEABOVEBest case for note 4 4

Say hello to the case by ACEABOVE. This will cost you $14.90 and has the stand feature so that you can view the phone at different angles. It comes with built-in card pockets so that user can store credit cards and IDs easily. It has a secure and safe magnetic closure and is made of leather. You can buy one here

6. Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case,CaselandBest case for note 4 5

The case comes from Caseland and shall cost you $11.95. It is basically a flip wallet leather case with a stand feature as well. The case comes with slots for cards. The package will include the case, a protector film and a stylus. You can buy one here

5. IZENGATE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet CaseBest case for note 4 6

Here we have the IZENGATE case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that comes with an executive leather flip and shall cost you $12.99. It has a snap on-design and features a stand as well. The case comes with 3 card slots and a strap that can be removed if desired. You can buy one here

4. Galaxy Note 4 Case, SpigenBest case for note 4 7

Now this is a name that you all must remember quite well from our iPhone 6 cases series; Spigen. Yes, this case is from Spigen and comes with dual protection thanks to a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. The price tag for this awesome case is $17.99. It comes with web pattern TPU and thus imparts shock absorption features that are quire advances. The corners have air cushion protection as well. Also, this case also comes with a kickstand for better viewing angles. You can buy one here

3. Galaxy Note 4 Case, Spigen Case WalletBest case for note 4 8

Here’s another one by Spigen. This particular case is the case wallet design with a stand (yet again). It will cost you $10.99 while adding minimal weight to the overall weight of the device. It comes with slots for essentials such as ID cards and credit cards. You can buy one here

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case, SUPCASEBest case for note 4 9

This case has been released by SUPCASE and shall cost you $7.99. It comes with precise cutouts when it comes to ports and buttons while allowing the user to have access to all features of the phone. It has been created from TPU and PC thus qualifying for a bumper case. You can buy one here

1. Galaxy Note 4 Case, i-Blason Prime Series Dual Layer HolsterBest case for note 4 10

This one comes from i-Blason and shall cost you $8.99 with the exterior built from polycarbonate that is resistant to impacts and reinforced with an inner lining of silicone that is shock absorbing. The corners also have dual silicone for enhanced protection in case of impacts and drops. It comes with a belt clip swivel holster as well. You can buy one here

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