10 Best Cases For Arduino UNO

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Best Cases for Arduino (7)

Circuitry always requires added protection in your projects, because one loose connection can lead to a magnitude of other problems. Controllers are the heart of any project, so their protection is vital therefore, we have decided to compile a list of cases for Arduino UNO. So check out this list of 10 best cases for Arduino UNO and let us know your favourite case

10. SainSmart Acrylic Transparent Hard Case Enclosure (13$)

Best Cases for Arduino (3)

The case specifically designed for Arduino UNO. The case is fastened by eight screws and gives access to all the I/O ports and the power.
You can get one here

9. TUX Case for Arduino UNO(15$)

Best Cases for Arduino (9)

An acrylic top with an aluminum body. If you are considering to use Arduino in an RC car or a drone where the circuitry is expected to suffer impacts then this case is ideal for you.
You can get one here

8. Clear Enclosure for Arduino – Adafruit(15$)

Best Cases for Arduino (8)

Adafruit offers many Arduino accessories and this case is just one of these. The design is generic and can accommodate¬†devices such as LCD’s in the same enclosure as well.
You can get one here

7. BenchTech Box for Arduino UNO(20$)

Best Cases for Arduino (5)

The case is made from acrylic PMMA material. The manufacturer offers multiple colors for the protective box as well.
You can get one here

6. Arduino Project Enclosure(12$)

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This case ample room even if you want to install a shield on your Arduino. This case is not designed for an specific Arduino model, but openings on this case suggest that I/O ports and the power will be easily accessible for models up to the size Mega 2560.
You can get one here

5. Arduino Uno Pocket Case(13$)

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This case is made from wood and is therefore, unique in its design. The case does not have enough room to house a shield on top of an Arduino UNO board only way to attach a shield is externally.
You can get one here

4. Arduino Uno R3 Enclosure case by SB Components(10$)

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The case is a two-piece injection moulded ABS enclosure that snaps together around the Arduino. Holds the Arduino firmly in place. It provides tough protection for the Arduino UNO while providing access to all Arduino connectors. It also includes an integrated power switch for the Arduino.
You can get one here

3. Arduino Uno & Ethernet Shield Transparent Acrylic Case (7$)

Best Cases for Arduino (7)

This case provides best value for money.At 7$ this case is a full box enclosure which also has ample room for a shield. But a downside to that is it’s¬†weight & size.
You can get one here

2. Arduino Uno Zebra Case(10$)

Best Cases for Arduino (10)

Made from a combination of stainless steel and acrylic this case is both light-weight and durable. Includes mounting holes & rubber feet.
You can get one here

1. SunFounder Uno R3 Case (13$)

Best Cases for Arduino (4)

One of the most popular choices on the web. The case is designed specifically for Arduino UNO and made from high-grade acrylic. Fastened by 8 screws it provides a secure compound for your controller.
You can get one here



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