10 Best Carrying Bags for Hoverboards

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10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (8)

Hoverboards are expensive, so you better be taking care of yours if you are lucky enough to have one!. Here is our list of 10 best-carrying cases for your personal scooters to keep them safe.

10. Myshine Scooter Bag (12$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (10)

This bag is for scooter having wheels of 7″ or less and total width of 20″. It is made from nylon fabric that is water resistant, and the zipper closure keeps your hoverboard safe.

Available Here!

9. F-Dorla Hoverboard Carrying Case (10.99$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (3)

Designed for hoverboards having wheel diameter less than 6.5″. This carrying bag is made from thick Oxford cloth that is both lightweight & durable.

Available Here!

8. HOCN Carrying Bag(14.99$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (7)

A decent carrying bag designed for a self-balancing scooter having wheels under 6.5″ diameter. It features a Camo design that gives it a distinctive look, but we would appreciate it more if they included more zippers or pockets.

Available Here!

7. MH_Smiling Hoverboard Case(10.98$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (9)

The good thing about this bag is that it has a strap so that you could carry the hoverboard over your shoulder. The size limit for this bag is a hoverboard having wheels 7″ or less.

Available Here!

6. Fastwheel Portable Two-wheel Self Balancing Electric Smart Scooter Bag(8.93$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (4)

This bag has multiple pockets for your ease. Water resistant product is made from nylon, and weighs 9.6 ounces.

Available Here!

5. Noza Tec Carrying Bag(7.38$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (6)

The bag weighs 330g and is made from a nylon fabric that also makes it water resistant. The carrying case is designed specifically for hoverboards having a length of 20 inches. The bag is offered in multiple colors so that you can pick one that better matches your taste.

Available Here!

4. Salen T Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric  Scooter (19.99$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (5)

One of the most expensive bags available in the market. Made from waterproof material this bag is sure to give your hoverboard enough protection. Though this bag offers the most pockets to store your extra stuff we still think it is a little pricey.

Available Here!.

3. Fashion Portable Two-wheel Self Balancing Electric Smart Scooter Bag(9.65$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (2)

This manufacturer caters for different sized hoverboards so although this bag is for hoverboards having a tyre diameter of 6.5, but you place your order with the manufacturer.

Available Here!

2. Dealzone RV77(7.37$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (1)

Made from a combination of nylon and oxford fabric this bag is well worth the money. It has secure zippers and ample pocket space to keep your other stuff such as headphones & books.

Available Here!

1. Noza Tech Camo Design(9.70$)

10 Best Bags for Hoverboards (8)

Green Camo is unique, and it increases the aesthetic appeal of the product. The carrying bag has internal straps that you can use to secure your scooter in place, and since it is made from thick cloth, it is water resistant.

Available Here!




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