10 Best Car Covers For Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is an SUV manufactured by Ford since 2000 and is currently in its fourth generation. When your car is parked outside it endures every type of harsh weather directly, covering it with a car cover can save the finish of your paint and protect the overall look of the car. If you are looking for the best car covers at a reasonable price that you can order off Amazon right now, we are here to help. These are the 10 best car covers for Ford Escape. Please ensure that the product you picked is compatible with your model, though. Keep scrolling to see what we picked out!

10. NEVERLAND Car Cover SUV Waterproof All Weather Protection Windproof Outdoor Full car Cover Scratch Resistant with Reflective Strips

Starting off this list of 10 best car covers for the Ford Escape is the NEVERLAND Car Cover. The car cover is made out of fabric which allows heat and condensation under the cover to escape easily; special additives on the surface of the cover prevent UV degradation and protect the finish and interior of the vehicle. A storage bag is given as a gift. When you don’t need to use a car cover, you can dry it and fold it into the bag.

Available here.

9. Car Cover 4 Layers Outdoor SUV Car Cover Universal Full Car Covers for Automobiles All Weather Waterproof UV Protection Windproof Rain Dust Scratch Snow Car Cover

Next up is the car cover by XC. This Car cover is made of 4 layers of high-density and breathable materials with excellent waterproof performance. Its outer layer consists of Aluminum foil which is sunproof and anti-UV and, keeps the car from reaching high temperatures inside.  It has 6 reflective warning bands attached to prevent collision accidents in a dark environment and, greatly enhance the safety of street parking at night.

 Available here.

8. Motor Trend All Season WeatherWear 1-Poly Layer Snow Proof, Water Resistant Car Cover Size XL1

At eighth, is the motor trend All Season Car Cover. The Motor Trend waterproof car cover for SUV has a single layer of poly protection for your car to give ultimate protection from Snow, UV, sun, dust, and bird droppings. To ensure a snug and tight protective fitting there is an elastic hem fitted around the cover that latches on to the car to make sure no dirt or dust goes through.

Available here.

7. SEAZEN 6 Layers SUV Car Cover Waterproof All Weather, Outdoor Car Covers for Automobiles with Zipper Door, Hail UV Snow Wind Protection, Universal Full Car Cover

At the seventh position is the SEAZEN 6 layers SUV car cover which protects your car throughout the year from Hot Summer Sunshine, Leaves, Dirt, Dust, Scratches, Snow, Rain, Industrial Pollutants, and Bird Droppings. The cover is very easy to clean, just Wipe down the car cover with a damp cloth and the mess will slide right off. Get rid of the dirt, gunk, and grime in no time.

Available here.

6. Tecoom Hard Shell Breathable Material Door Shape Zipper Design Waterproof UV-Proof Windproof Car Cover for All Weather Indoor Outdoor

Coming sixth is the TECOOM Hard Shell breathable car cover for SUVs such as the Ford Escape. The car covers are designed with heavy-duty buckles and straps that make sure the cover can stand up to even strong winds with ease. It has a door zipper design that allows you to easily access your car by unzipping the zipper and opening the door. High-density Polyester fabric with double stitching and durable seams have been used to make sure the car cover is durable enough to handle daily use in the long.

Available here.

5. MORNYRAY Waterproof Car Cover All Weather Snowproof UV Protection Windproof Outdoor Full car Cover

The MORNYRAY car cover comes next with high-quality material, more wear-resistant, and tear-resistant to protect your car from all types of weather. The fabric is highly waterproof and UV resistant, with layers that protect the car cover from fading and, extend its service life for long-term reliability and usability.

Available here.

4. Autsop SUV Car Cover Waterproof All Weather,6 Layers Car Cover for Automobiles Outdoor Full Cover Sun Hail UV Snow Protection with Zipper

The AUTOSTOP SUV car cover comes short of the top 10 at 4th position, with over 4k ratings on Amazon. It’s made up of 6 kinds of premium materials combined into a heavy-duty material that is non-woven, allowing the Car cover to achieve the effort of Sun-proof, Windproof, Hail proof, Snow-proof, Dust-proof, and Scratch resistant and protect your vehicle from dirt, UV pollutants.

Available here.

3. Bliifuu Car Cover,SUV Protection Cover Breathable Outdoor Indoor for All Season All Weather Waterproof/Windproof/Dustproof/Scratch Resistant Outdoor UV Protection

In third place of 10, the best car cover for the Ford Escape is the BLIIFUU SUV Car Cover. The Cover is made of high-quality industry material which has better protection than other conventional car covers, giving it more wear and tear resistance. The high-density polyester fabric makes it perfect and can be used for outdoor/indoor against all weathers. And the silver surface is high temperature resistant with reflecting high-sensitivity performance in hot summer. Gets a worry-free warranty which helps you if your cover does not fit the car you ordered it for.

Available here.

2. Budge UB-1 Lite Indoor Dustproof UV Resistant Cover

In the second position with around 7,000 ratings, is the BUDGE UB-1 indoor car cover for your Ford Escape. This cover aims to offer the best protection as it has a durable single-layer polypropylene that protects against dust, debris, paint, falling objects, and moderate UV exposure. Double-stitched seams provide added durability, and the non-abrasive materials of the car cover won’t scratch your car. The material is breathable with improved airflow which reduces the condensation while the car is covered.

Available here.

1. kayme 6 Layers SUV Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Size Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton

KAYME 6 Layers SUV car cover comes 1st in the 10 best Car covers for Ford Escape as it has over 12k ratings to prove that it has been liked and bought by many people. The cover comes with a door zipper on the left of the cover for easy access to the driver’s door. It has windproof Straps attached at the front & rear to fix the Auto Cover in place in Heavy Weather. Comes with 6 reflective stripes around the cover to let people detect the car at night to avoid accidents and contains soft cotton inside to protect vehicle paint from scratch.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 Car covers for Ford Escape. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. Stay tuned for more.

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