10 Best Camping Tools For Your Next Outdoor Trip

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (3)

Going camping for the weekend? Then you better pack the right equipment because the last thing you want to happen is that you reach your favourite camping spot & you find out that you forgot the sleeping bags at home. To help you get ready for the weekend, we have made a list of all the essential items you must have before you decide to go camping with your family.

10. LED Headlamps

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (5)

You don’t know when these can come in handy. The model pictured above has 18 LED bulbs and sold by “Lighting Ever” on Amazon.com. Try finding ones that have adjustable brightness and since most of them can use up to 4 AAA batteries, be sure to pack extra battery packs.

Available Here

9. Foho Folding Camping Trench Shovel(12.99$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (2)

This multi-purpose shovel is very versatile from opening bottle caps, cutting wood to picking ice and you can do almost anything. There are many manufacturers selling this product but we found this supplier to have the best & durable equipment.

Available Here

8. Camping Lantern TaoTronics(9.99$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (4)

Lantern is one of the basic items you should take with you on a camping trip. This lantern can collapse to almost 2 inches and can give 30 Lumens for up to 15 hours. The device is also engineered to be water resistant.

Available Here

7. Stainless Steel Multi-function Pocket Knife Fork Spoon Diner Set (7.49$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (9)

We have included a couple of swiss knife variants on our list, the first of them is the dinner set. We recommend packing multiple of these and try finding ones with fork, spoon knife and a bottle opener.

Available Here

6. Lexitek Portable Extra-large Head Windproof Waterproof Matches(4.99$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (1)

Moisture and wind resistant matches are used quite often and their robustness will be quite useful. The product shown above packs 20 sticks in a single box.

Available Here

5. Outdoor Camping Hiking Backpacking Picnic Cookware(21.99$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (6)

This cooking set will help you make perfect meals outdoors. The set includes a pot, a pan and a Piezo Ignition Canister Stove. All the items are made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel that are rust resistant.

Available Here

4. Whetstone Cutlery Multi-Function 10-in-1 Camping Tool(13.76$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (8)

Another variant of the Swiss knife but this one is bigger and badder. The axe in this one is lightweight but sturdy and includes other items such as Philips Screw Driver, Flat Head Screw Driver and a Bottle Opener

Available Here

3. Complete Mini First Aid Kit by MediSpor(26.97$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (10)

First Aid kit are a must whether you brought kids along or not. You can either make your own or buy a ready made pack like this one. This kit contains almost hundred separate pieces.

Available Here

2. Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag(21.99$)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (7)

This sleeping bag is made from 100% polyester and is ideal for temperatures between 40 F to 60F. Sleeping bags by Coleman are by far the best and we advise you to buy one that is just the right size.

Available Here

1. Coleman Sundome Tent($41.60)

10 EssentiaL Camping tools (3)

You home away from home during camping. It is hard to imagine a camping trip without one but just make sure that you get one that is made from weather resistant material and the fabric stitching is durable. Coleman again spearheads tents as per our analysis but you can see other manufacturers too as well you might get a better value buy.

Available Here

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