10 Best Butane Soldering Torch For Professionals

10 Best Butane Soldering Torches  (10)

Butane soldering torches are used by professional in various applications related to electronics. These high-quality torches enable the user to patch up electrical components with relative ease and, therefore, are in high demand. Since they are so many manufacturers, we put to the test some of the prominent brands to decide which one has the best butane soldering torch. So check out the 10 best butane soldering torches and let us know your favourite in the comments section.

10. Yosoo Gas Blow Torch Soldering Solder Iron (8.99$)

Yosoo Gas Blow Torch

The flame temperature on this device can reach as high as 1300 degree making it versatile in various applications. Butane soldering irons are cordless, so they give you ample dexterity.

Available Here

9. Master Appliance UT-100SiK Ultratorch(106.73$)

Master Appliance UT-100SiK Ultratorch

A high-class soldering torch indeed. The iron has an adjustable temperature control and can reach up to 932 F. The tip is ‘Tinned’ with lead-free solder making it easier for you to connect those fine pins.

Available Here

8. Wall Lenk LSP-60-1 SOLDERPRO ($ 17.23)

Wall Lenk LSP-60-1 SOLDERPRO

The solder can adjust power between 35 to 75 Watt. The affordable soldering iron also has a blow torch feature the durable Butane soldering iron is a favorite with DIY enthusiasts.

Available Here

7.  Weller PSI100K(75.53$)

Weller PSI100K

The iron can operate continuously for two hours without a refill, therefore, making it easier for you to maintain continuity. Unlike other torches, the butane level is visible and, it also features an Auto shut off feature.

Available Here

6. Iso-Tip #7971 SolderPro 50 (25.95$)

Iso-Tip #7971 SolderPro 50

Iso-Tip product heats up relatively quickly and is available for use in just under 20 seconds after light-up. You can adjust the temperature of the tip between 450 to 800 F. The soldering iron can be used for 30 minutes continuous.

Available Here

5. Weller P2C Butane Soldering Iron(33.27$)

10 Best Butane Soldering Torches (3)

Another Weller product on our list. Considering overall features and the price offered, it is ranked ahead of its predecessor. This model is easy to refill and can last for up to 90 minutes of continuous use maximum. The tip can reach a maximum temperature of 650 F.

Available Here

4. Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit(21.49$)

10 Best Butane Soldering Torches (7)

This model comes with its hard case for easy carry and storage. The torch can last for 20 minutes of continuous use after which it has to be refilled but can sustain temperatures over 900F.

Available Here

3. Portasol 010,589,330 ($ 83.82)

10 Best Butane Soldering Torches (10)

A high-class kit that comes with seven different tips. The iron uses up to a maximum of 125 watts and has a 10 second refill time. Like all the premium models, this one also has a safety Cutt off switch.

Available Here

2. Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch(43.43$)

10 Best Butane Soldering Torches (6)

When it comes to power tools and hardware, there are a few who can match the excellent reputation of Dremel. The accompanying 14 piece tool kit offers accessory range for soldering, hot cutting, shrinking, wood burning and area heating.

Available Here

1. Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit(45.14$)

10 Best Butane Soldering Torches (8)

The most popular butane torch in the market today with more than 200 positive reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon. The powerful Butane torch can reach a remarkable temperature of 2500F; the kit includes three soldering tips, one injection tip, one hot knife, one heat shield and one tube of solder.

Available Here

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