10 Best Breathing Masks For Protection

When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

Ever since the arrival of the coronavirus into our beautiful planet, originating from Wuhan, China, a few things have taken place. Starting with China building world-class hospitals in 2 weeks and renovating a building into a world-class hospital within a few days. There is a reason they are ‘China’. 

As the number of those who have been affected rise because of the ease at which it can be spread, the death toll increases as well. Hence the need for preventive measures to be taken.

The virus is spread through aerosol, meaning if you are within 2 meters of an infected person who either sneezes or coughs into the air, you are at a danger of contracting the virus. 

The best preventive measure for this mode of transmission would be breathing masks. 

While these cover your nose and mouth, it works in a way that you can breathe, but you are safe from anything outside the mask seeking to get into your system via aerosol. 

Anything, in this case, are the little droplets of virus-carrying liquid launched into the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

Since you are going to be needing one of these as the virus spreads, it won’t be out of place to make a list of the best breathing masks that you can use to prevent yourself from contracting this deadly virus. 

Here are 10 best breathing masks for protection. 

1. 3M 8511PB1-A-PS Particulate N95 Mask

Made by the 3M brand, this is the perfect protection from airborne particles, and the best part is, you are not suffocating in it, as it allows you to breathe properly, only that it is stopping the airborne COVID-19 carrying particles from touching you. 

It is comfortable, it fits perfectly, so you do not have to keep touching to adjust, as it is not advisable to touch the mask, because it may have trapped all that you are afraid of. You can rewash and reuse this mask though, whenever you take it off, it ends up in the trash

You can get it here

2. Honeywell Nuisance Disposable Mask

This is pretty light and will not discomfort you in any way, it is also very effective in blocking out airborne particles, including the small cute droplets of COVID-19 that might be looking for where to land after been displaced by a sneezing patient. 

It is made of a material that does not induce allergies. It is pretty soft and does not have an odor. Nothing about this mask is discomforting. While this is disposable, you can clean and reuse it because of its build. 

You can get it here 

3. BeatBasic Anti flu and Sawdust Mask

It is seemingly hard to have thick and comfortable in the same sentence until you make use of this mask. It is thick, protective, breathable, and very comfortable. It is a perfect fit and you do not have to touch to adjust, once it goes on, it stays. It is also reusable.

You can get it here

4. Accmor Fashion Anime Mouth Mask 

Let’s be candid, people are a little bit too serious about this corona thing, and yes, their seriousness is valid, the virus does kill. But, how about you switch things up a bit by using these super protective, super comfortable, super light, and reusable anime designed mask. This is perfect if you have been trying to get kids to wear them and they are being uninspired, this could make them want to. 

You can get it here

5. 50pc-3Ply Disposable Face Mask 

There is news that this isn’t as effective as the rest, but there is also news that if you wear inside out, you are safe. 

This is very light, super comfortable, does not cause allergies, and it is very affordable as well, as it comes in 50 in a pack.

You can get it here 

6. Protect Life Disposable Dust Mask

This is that mask that makes it easy for you to speak when you have it on, as this is a real struggle with masks. It is light, effective in blocking out airborne COVID-19 and other germs that might be flying in the air. It is odorless and has no negative effect on your skin. 

You can get it here

7.  Novemkada Dustproof Mask

This lets you breathe as it blocks out every particle in the air gunning for your system. It is very easy to get on, and it stays in place when it is fixed, you do not need to touch to adjust. It is comfortable, the material is light and made of comfortable cotton material. 

You can get it here

8. Moho Dust Mask 

Made of spandex and nylon, this is the perfect airborne germs repellant. The mask is soft, light and comfortable. It comes with a nose clinch, has an opening valve to provide ventilation, so your breathing is not 

You can get it here

9. Debrief Me Anti-dust Mask 

10 Best Breathing Masks For Corona Virus

Made from high-grade cotton material, this is both comfortable and effectively protective and easy to wear. It fits perfectly and does not move incessantly as you have it on. It blocks out particles real good, so you are safe while using this mask. 

You can get it here

10. Dust Mask Respirator 99% Filtration Face Masks

10 Best Breathing Masks For Corona Virus

Lightweight, comfortable, easy to wear- these masks are protective against small particles and droplets, while it lets you breathe easy. It is a perfect face on the fit, so there is not the discomfort of having it move around on your face. It is made of comfortable material, the kind your skin will not react to. 

You can get it here 

Currently, there are over 80,000 people affected, with over 3000 fatal cases. The experts are calling this a global pandemic, the doctors are saying there is no need to be afraid, and a few other people are probably considering relocating to mars or earth 2.0. 

For those of us who will remain here, let us make efforts to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, see a doctor if you feel sick, and maintain a distance away from people, even though you are not sure of what is wrong with you. 

Do not sneeze in people’s faces, sincerely, that is a rather dangerous stunt to pull in these times. Someone might decide to get all paranoid on you and fight you for sneezing and coughing in their faces. Everyone’s senses are on hyper-drive mode right now, and the same applies to their feelings too. Things can go from 0 to 100 these days and all it takes is one not-well-thought-out sneeze. 

Wear a mask, protect yourself, and you have 10 of the best to choose from. Be safe.

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