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10 Best Brake Rotors For Honda Accord

One of the most important systems in any car is the braking system. And to keep them in the best possible condition we need to regularly replace parts that are damaged. It is also the part of the vehicle that endures the most stress and wear during a car’s life. The brake system includes two very important parts the brake rotors and brake pads. If the rotors are not regularly changed, they can cause major damage to expensive and sometimes irreplaceable engine parts too. So to collect such new information on the brake rotors for Honda Accord just continue reading.  The Honda Accord is a series of vehicles manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Honda since 1976, best known for the 4-door sedan version. The Honda Accord is highly rated in the market segment it competes in and has been one of the best-selling sedans in recent years. The engine combines power and fuel efficiency and the interior has enough goodies to keep you satisfied at this price range. As of 2020, the Accord has sold more than 18 million units. If you are looking for economic and good-quality brake rotors that you can order from Amazon right now, we are here to help. These are the 10 best brake rotors for Honda Accord.

10. DuraGo BR901178 Vented Front Disc Brake Rotor For Honda Accord

Starting off the list are the DuraGo BR901178 brake rotors for your Honda Accord. It is a great alternative to your stock brake rotors when they eventually die out. The rotors are engineered to provide high standards for consistent quality, strength, and performance promised by DuraGo.  It is sold in two options either standard or with EP coating for extra protection. The brake rotors are made as per OEM specifications. to give a perfect fit.

Available here.

9. StopTech (126.40068SL) Sport Slotted Brake Rotor For Honda Accord

Next up, is the brake rotors by StopTech for the Honda Accord. Made in a European style, the product offers extra efficiency in even high temperatures and friction. The premium e-coating on the rotors reduces pad squeal making the brakes noise-free. 

Available here

8. Power Stop JBR1167EVC rear Evolution Genuine Geomet Coated Brake Rotor For Honda Accord

Eighth on this list for the Honda Accord is the Power Stop JBR1167EVC brake rotors. It is made of high-quality aluminum to reduce the chances of corrosion and keep it cooled in high temperatures. Brake rotors are fully coated, including inside the vanes to extend rotor life and to maintain that great look behind open wheels.

Available here.

7. Callahan CDS02278 Brake Rotors + Ceramic Brake Pads For Honda Accord 

Next up, is the Callahan brake rotors for the Honda Accord. Built from metal alloys it provides one complete solution to your braking needs. The package includes the rotors, ceramic brake pads, and stainless steel hardware for easy installation. The shape of the rotors makes it so that it doesn’t require cleaning ever after installation. It is tested to provide the enhanced stopping power and guaranteed heat dissipation. This all helps keep the rotors as new as possible.

Available here.

6. Centric (120.40086) Brake Rotor For Honda Accord

The Centric is a sustainable and economic choice of brake rotors for the Honda Accord so takes sixth place on the list. The Centric is also one of the easiest to install brake rotors for the Honda Accord due to its conveniently placed drill holes. It also provides a dust and noise-free alternative to stock brake rotors.

Available here.

5. ACDelco Advantage 18A81022AC Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor For Honda Accord

Halfway up the list, and ACDelco Advantage Front Disc Rotor for the Honda Accord is our choice for fifth place. Even though the ACDelco comes in standard OEM specifications it does have some unique features such as the rounded radius for extra strength. It provides extra heat dissipation by using multiple alloys also making the rotors and efficient and cheap.

Available here

4. GT//Rotors Slotted Drilled Brake Disc Rotors & Ceramic Pads for Honda Accord

In fourth place, is the brake rotors manufactured by GT//Rotors especially for the Honda Accord. Sold in complete sets of 2 rotors and 4 Ceramic brake pads too. Made of aluminum and zinc blend and coated with silver the rotors provide long-lasting replacements for the original. It also comes included with a free 1-year warranty against cracks or defects, getting it a place on our list of the 10 Best Brake Rotors For Honda Accord.

Available here.

3. R1 Concepts Front Silver Zinc Cross-Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors Kit + Ceramic Brake Pads For Honda Accord

Next up, is the R1 Concepts Slotted Brake Rotors that can be installed in the Honda Accord. As the name suggests these rotors are made to be the exact replica of the original brake rotors of the Honda Accord. This helps not only in installation but also reduces damage to the car due to irregular shapes or sizes. It is sold with a set of 2 brake rotors and 4 ceramic brake pads. It also includes an extra heat sink to reduce cracks or damage from heat stress.

Available here.

2. Centric 120.40068 Premium Brake Rotor For Honda Accord

In Second place we have the Centric Premium Brake rotor for the Honda Accord. This brake rotor is highly recommended in the market due to its very easy installation. It uses double disc ground for quieter and smoother stops and helps protects the brakes too. It also tested to reduce heat-up in the brakes by allowing more airflow than other products. Finally, it is coated with Black E-coating to avoid corrosion issues.

Available here

1. Power Stop K6515 Front Z23 Carbon Fiber Brake Pads with Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors Kit For Honda Accord

And for the first place, is the Power Stop K6515 Brake Rotors which are a perfect fit for the Honda Accord. The product is made using Carbon-Fiber ceramic compound that increases brake efficiency and makes it long-lasting. The rotors come pre-installed with rubberized shims to maintain temperature and make the breaks silent and smooth. The rotors gain extra points as it comes with a stainless steel installation set and brake lubricant too. And what else could you really ask for?

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 best Brake Rotors for Honda Accord. We hope that it helps make a choice that suits you the most and helps you stay safe on the road. Stay tuned for more.