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Best LEGO Alternatives That Are Fun & Not As Expensive – 2019

Recently it was announced by LEGO (A Danish Firm) that they do not have the capacity to match the demand at Christmas. So what this mean is that sadly some children might not get their Christmas Wish. But don’t ” Be in Pieces” so quickly, at Wonderful Engineering We believe that there is a solution to every problem & hence went on a quest to find the best LEGO alternatives out there so that no one has to have a bad holiday season.

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If you want to replace those Lego bricks with something much more stimulating for your child, then this might be it. The highly involved multi-build channel tests your kids cognitive abilities to the maximum. Though you might not be able to create a replica of more complex structures figuring out what you can make with these little turtle pieces sounds like a good challenge.

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Berg Moov

The only thing that can trump building toys to play with is building toys to ride. Though this might not sound like a conventional Lego replacement, it will keep anyone busy. The firm’s toys are easy to assemble and from one particular kit you can make Crane, Scooter, Bike, Dino Bird, Helicopter, Snowscooter or a Chopper.

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Modular Robotics Cubelets

They may be a little hard for kids 12 and below but if your are a teen who had an affinity towards Lego Mindstorm kits, then this might be your thing. There is no programming involved, and each cube is in itself a robotic component.

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Nano Blocks

Nano Blocks have there Origin from Japan. These cubes are about 1/8th the size of a regular Lego block. This small size means that you would require a certain level of patience when using these but they enable you to make incredibly detailed structures, unlike Lego.

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At totally different end of the spectrum from Nano Blocks is Duplo. These building blocks are almost twice the size of Lego and are incredibly simple to use. They are ideal for kids around the age of 5 or less & do not possess a choking hazard.

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One of the most popular Alternatives to Lego kits. Instead of being brick based they use combinations of simple rods, connectors and wheels. Possibilities are endless with these as you can make complex sturdy structures. On their website, you can find impressive work by some of the buyers.

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One of the original miniature construction kit. These kits were patented in 1898  Frank Horby as ‘mechanics made easy’. Though they are a little tougher than Lego bricks but putting time and effort into these is much more rewarding. The kits are far more sturdy and offer metal building sets as well. From motorized devices to even a 4-foot polycarbonate robot using ” Meccano Brain” Mecanno is not only an alternative to lego but defeats it in ingenuity.

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