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10 Best Brake Pads For Ford F150

When you work into a store to shop for brake pads, what informs your decision to settle for a product – Price, looks, or prior knowledge? At this point, the judgment of many a buyer will depend largely on the prices. The reason is obvious – no one can know how a brake pad will react under extreme temperature or just how much brake pressure the driver will need to apply at certain points to keep it at optimum by just looking at it in an aftermarket.

Howbeit, this won’t be an issue if you do proper research before heading to the store. If you own an F-150 or plan on getting one, then know that a whole lot depends on the quality of your brake pads. Vehicles generally perform differently with load, and if you handle pickup trucks often, you would have observed changes in your stopping distance and time with different cargo weight.

Good brake pads are simply the answer to it all. And for the Ford F-150 models, here are the best designs that assure you of better performance for longer.

1. Power Stop K3053 Front Brake Kit

Power stop offers an upgrade over the stock brake pads with this K3053 front brake kit. The focus here is to reduce noise and dust, and give users better-stopping power all day. Although most of the functions have been greatly improved upon, they are strictly OE compliant. The rotor is drilled and slotted to keep it cool at all times even in extreme conditions, and also comes with rounded slots that take care of the debris for a cleaner and more precise braking. This power Stops Z23 evolution simply offers you noiseless power braking all day.

Available here

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083

This product is compatible with a wider variety of vehicles. As the name suggests, it’s designed to operate more quietly with even spread of heat and vibrations to reduce noise to the barest minimum. It offers better friction, cleaner wheels and slim chances of wear. Wagner just changed the performance game for brake pad manufacturers with OE21 low copper technology. For a noiseless and clean cruise, opt for this.

Available here

3. Detroit Axle – 6LUG Front Brake Kit

This brake pad is more specific for the 2015-2018 F-150 and only 6Lug of the earlier F-150 models. Therefore ensure that it can fit perfectly before you make the final purchase. The show-stopping qualities of this brake pad are countless. The rotor comes with more superior specs compared to the OE version, and also has a pure ceramic brake pad that is devoid of any metallic content. A penny spent on this product is an investment in quality braking.

Available here

4. Power Stop K200 Front & Rear BrakeKit

Power Stop is one of the big dogs when brake pads are mentioned. With their carbon-fiber ceramic compound, they offer products with better braking performance as opposed to the conventional brake pads. These K200 front and rear brake kits are known among many users to operate with very little dust compared to the OE version. The rotor is drilled and slotted for optimal cooling and the zinc dichromate coating makes it less prone to rust. The pros of this kit are summarized in three phrases – dust-free, increased stopping power, and better durability.

Available here

5. Autospecialty KOE3053

The perfect match for your OE performance brake with 100 percent assurance of noiseless, safe and improved braking. This pocket-friendly auto specialty brake kit comes with 2 OE replacement brake rotors, upgraded installation hardware and a set of Z17 evolution and brake pad. If the goal is to up the stopping power of your F-150, then this is your guy. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

Available here

6. Detroit Axle – 4WD 6-LUG

One of the few brands that offers you a 10-year warranty on both the front and rear brake pad. This OE- quality aftermarket product promises to deliver 20% more than the standard rotor with superior braking. It’s compatible with most F-150 up to the 2008 model and comes with all the installation hardware in each pack.

Available here

7.ACDelco 14D679M

This auto specialty OE replacement brake kit offers you all you need for better breaking for much less. A single kit comes with a complete set of Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake rotors and high-performance Evolution ceramic pads and a wear sensor to guarantee more confident braking and durability. And you can also bank on the G3000 castings and mill balanced rotor for safety.

Available here

8. Power Stop K3167 Front Brake Kit

This Power Stop Z23 is an upgrade over stock brakes designed to provide better comfort and also extend the brake life. Components like the Z23 Evolution Sport carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads, high-performance lubricant, upgraded hardware, and a well-drilled rotor are all perfectly engineered to improve braking, eliminate noise and debris and keep it cool in cases of temperature spike. 

Available here

9. Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 

If what you are looking for is a dependable brake pad, then this is it! For Ford-150, the best brake pads have always been performance brake pads which end up doing more work than the originals. If most of the things you F-150 do are towboats, tackle mountains or haul loads, then this power stop Z36 truck & tow performance brake kit is your best bet. While the Z336 carbon fiber allows for excellent friction, the brake rotors are effective to keep it cool during intense braking.  

Available here

10. ACDelco 18A1627A 

When users say that some aftermarket brake pads deliver more, this ACDelo advantage disc brake rotor was what they had in mind. It guarantees safety and more improved performance with little noise and vibrations. Also, it optimizes airflow to maintain a cool state at all times. And the non-directional ground finish makes it pretty easy to extend its lifespan.

Available here

Some will say that the best is whatever fits today’s budget but in reality, compromising quality to suit a rigid budget is not always a very smart choice. Step back a little and save up if you must, scroll up and check out their specs again if it will guide your expectations. Just bear in mind that whichever you opt for will give the right value for your money.