10 Best Bluetooth Trackers For Your Keys And Valuables

10 Best bluetooth tracker (3)

It is always annoying to waste time in search of misplaced keys or everyday items. You could use the same time to do something productive. Bluetooth trackers address all your problems. All you have to do is attach this little device to your belongings, sit back, and relax. The Bluetooth tracker syncs with your smartphone such that it records the last known location of the object as soon as it goes out of range.

So check out our list to buy the best bluetooth tracker available in the market.

10. Docooler® Wireless Anti-Lost Alarm Bluetooth Key Finder(12$)

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This device uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology. It stores the last known location as soon as its connection with your smartphone breaks. The finder can also control phone to take photos or record a video.

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9. iTag Smart Anti-Lost Alarm Bluetooth Remote Shutter GPS Tracker(4.99$)

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The effective range of this device is 25m. It is powered by CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery. The device comes with a sound recording feature.

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8. Luxsure® Smart Tag Nut 2 Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracker(15$)

10 Best bluetooth tracker (9)

The smart design makes it easy for you to attach it to your wallet. The power saving mode ensures that the device lasts long. The maximum range of this device is 50m.

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7. XY Find It Bluetooth Smart Beacon(42.99$)

10 Best bluetooth tracker (6)

This device is available in many stylish colours so it can seamlessly integrate with the object you put it on. You can download the free app for this device available on both the Apple Store and Android’s Play store. It can track multiple beacons, but the device is slightly overpriced.

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6. Honey by Pebblebee(23.96$)

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The most impressive thing about this device is that its battery can last more than eight months. This Bluetooth tracker has a range of 150ft, after which it issues a push notification of its last known location. The tracker weighs 0.16 ounces.

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5. Proximo Tag Bluetooth Tracker by Kensington(19.99$)

10 Best bluetooth tracker (8)

Kensington offers an excellent range of quality electronic products, and this one is no different. The device has a built-in alarm triggered when the user is close enough. The app has an easy to learn user interface, and it identifies the last place where the connection of the Bluetooth tracker with the device broke.

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4. SwiftyFinder(24.70$)

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This product is rated as the #1 New Arrival by Amazon, which gives a good measure of the quality of this device. It covers a range of 30 ft and has a reasonably loud alarm sound. This Bluetooth tracker is quite light in weight and thus, can be attached to anything without adding too much bulk.

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3. iHere 3.0, Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder(19.90$)

10 Best bluetooth tracker (3)

This Bluetooth tracker requires no battery replacements as it is rechargeable. The single complete charge of the tracker can last for up to two weeks. On the downside, the small tracker is not weather proof.

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2. Cube Tracker(28$)

10 Best bluetooth tracker (10)

Cube Tracker has one of the best apps out there. The easy to use interface coupled with the light weight of the device makes it a very solid buy. You can get a single tag for about $30 whereas you can buy a four pack for $111 on amazon.com

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1. Tile (Gen 2) – Phone Finder(24.99$)

10 Best bluetooth tracker (7)

This Bluetooth trackeris another Amazon best-seller. The tiny speakers embedded in the tracker can generate sounds as high as 90 decibels. The best feature of this tracker is that it is water resistant according to IP5 standards.

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  1. steff Reply

    I use a qrcode in order to tag my items.
    If you loose your luggages or keys or mobile phone,… I think that you will have more chance of finding your lost items.
    Moreover it is cheaper (sometime it’s free with qrick.net) and it works all the time.

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