10 Best Blowguns For Ultimate Fun

10 Best Blowguns  (1)

Blowguns are great to play with and provide a good pass time if handled safely and for someone who wants a unique fun try blowguns for ultimate fun. Some hunting enthusiasts may also find them useful for small animals, and since they are affordable, there are many manufacturers in the market. Whether you are buying them for fun or are considering serious hunting, we have got you covered with our 10 best blowguns.

10. Eagle Flight 24-Inch BlowGun(15.99$)

Eagle Flight 24-Inch BlowGun

The blowgun comes with a nozzle and a mouth guard that is inhaled proof. In the package, you would also receive 8 4″ darts making it an excellent value purchase.

Available Here!

9. Terminator .40-Calibre Blowgun(8.99$)

Terminator .40-Calibre Blowgun

This product comes with 16 Dart Quiver and 12 additional darts. Single piece blowgun is rated 40 calibre and is perfect for target practice.

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8. Eagle Flight 36 Inch Blowgun(15.99$)

Eagle Flight 36 Inch Blowgun

With a 36 inch length, this blowgun has much higher range than the previous models. Full metal construction also makes the device much more durable.

Available Here!

7. 36 Inch African Predator Blowgun(8.99$)

36 Inch African Predator Blowgun

Made from Aluminium, this Blowgun comes with additional 15 darts & a pre-installed quiver. Two piece unit is primarily durable and has a thick anti-inhale mouth guard.

Available Here!

6. Barnett Spitfire Blowgun(15.47$)

Barnett Spitfire Blowgun

A great deal if you are a parent and looking to buy one for your kids as for under 16$ you get two high-quality blowguns. The product is accompanied by multicolor targets and suction cup darts. This is the blowguns For ultimate fun for kids and adults alike.

Available Here!

5. Southland Archery Supply Blowgun(14.99$)

Southland Archery Supply Blowguns For Ultimate Fun

This high-quality blow gun has a foam grip and can be used for hunting as well. The blowgun is total 36″ in size but does come with additional darts.

Available Here!

4. 36″ RED, BLUE or BLACK .40 cal Venom Blowguns(8.90$)

36" RED, BLUE or BLACK .40 cal Venom Blowguns For Ultimate Fun

Venom Blowguns product has the largest quiver to hold target darts. The blowgun comes in an all-black finish and is made with a combination of Aluminium and steel.

Available Here!

3. Avenger 36 Inch Commando .50 Cal Blowgun(29.99$)

Avenger 36 Inch Commando .50 Cal Blowguns For Ultimate Fun

.50 caliber blowgun is mighty powerful and comes with a convenient handmade carrying sling. The barrel is made from high-class aircraft aluminium. The blowgun comes with three different types of darts as well.

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2. Cold Steel 4 Foot .625 Blowgun(29.90$)

Cold Steel 4 Foot .625 Blowguns For Ultimate Fun

This product has the wall thickness of 1.5mm and is rated 0.625 Magnum. Four-foot blowgun can hit targets with high velocity and comes with a total of 36 darts, 12 stun, 12 mini broadheads, Six broadheads,  & Six bamboos.

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1. 36″ Avenger .40c Blowgun by Wynn Sales & Service (18.99$)

36" Avenger .40c Blowgun by Wynn Sales & Service

The most popular blowgun in the market today has it has over 220 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating. The product contains 8 4″ darts, and the gun itself has a quiver. What’s great about this product is that it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Available Here!

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