10 Best AutoCad Mouse For Engineers

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10 Best Mouse for AutoCad (6)

AutoCad is a professional engineering design software used extensively in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture. The powerful tool allows designers to draw complex elevations in a short amount of time as compared to drawing manually. To further enhance designer productivity numerous individual AutoCad mouse are available in the market. Due to their large number you can not possibly try them all but we can, therefore, after analysis we have made a list of some of the best AutoCad mouse you can buy right now. After reading do tell us which one is your favorite.

10. E-Blue Cobra II(19.62$)

10 Best Mouse for AutoCad (1)

The mouse has 3 DPI settings of 400,800 & 1600. The ergonomic shape gives a comfortable grip, and the mouse is used by professional gamers as well due to its affordable cost.

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9. SHARKK® Compact High-Precision Wireless Optical Mouse(12.99$)

10 Best Mouse for AutoCad (9)

Another light weight and small mouse that can be used by beginners & professionals. The wireless mouse requires only a single AA battery and interfaces easily with Linux, Mac or Windows OS. The device has the maximum DPI setting of 1600.

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8. Mad Catz Office R.A.T.M Wireless Mobile Mouse for PC and Android(59.99$)

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The mouse can be used with Android phone and tablets as well. The high-end mouse has six programmable keys that provide high versatility in use. The wireless optical mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries.

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7. Mad Catz Office R.A.T. Wireless Mouse-10keys (98.72$)

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Pretty much similar to the previous one, but the only difference being that this model has a total ten programmable keys. This model works on a variety of surfaces and like the previous one requires only 2 AA batteries to run.

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6. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse(19.99$)

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Vertical mouse are certainly unique and are much less stressful on your wrist. This mouse has the maximum DPI of 1600 and runs using 2AA batteries. Anker is a reputable brand in digital accessories and like all of their products they also provide 18-month warranty with this.

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5. 3Dconnexion CadMouse(99$)

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The high-end mouse has a movement resolution of 8200DPI. Since this mouse is specifically designed for CAD users, you can effortlessly zoom in/ out of your drawings with a push of a thumb button.

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4. TeckNet 2.4G Nano Wireless Mouse (9.99$)

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One of the most popular professional mouse available on the internet as it has over 7000 customer reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. The five button mouse can be set at a maximum 2000 DPI & offers the best value for money.

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3. Etekcity Scroll M910 Wireless Vertical Mouse(22.99$)

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This vertical mouse has nine buttons and can be set at 2400DPI. 2.4Ghz wireless technology removes the hassle of cords and provides limitless movement. The mouse has excellent grip thanks to strategic contours and rubberized padding.

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2. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700036(364.99$)

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The most expensive product on our list. Pro-mouse has a navigation panel and over 20 keys to give the ultimate experience. The mouse is compatible with most softwares, and if you can afford it, the experience is exquisite.

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1. Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac(56.50$)

10 Best Mouse for AutoCad (10)

Computer accessories do not come much better than the ones by Logitech. The mouse featured in the picture above has high durability and comes with Logitech Unifying receiver that can be used with keyboards & other peripherals. DPI can be changed on the fly, and a total of 10 buttons gives the user ample versatility.

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