10 Best Auto Trains for 3-10 Year Old

Remote control toys are consistently popular, and most kids get a kick out of them. Just like RC planes and helicopters, RC trains are an alluring option for most 3-7-year-olds. We have created a list of the best available RC trains on the market, to make finding the best train for your child as easy as possible.

10. Fisher-Price Thomas the Train (49.99$)

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A great toy for train-loving pre-schoolers, the Fisher Price Thomas Train comes with its own RC handset and is  powered by only 3 AAA batteries. The toy even lets off steam, so it’s sure to keep your child entertained!

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9. Brio RC Train Engine (23.27$)

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Similar to our no.10 train, the Brio Train Engine is controlled by a remote and requires 4 AA batteries to operate. The remote is in the form of a lever and can be used to adjust direction and speed. It measures 4 x 1.5 x 2 inches.

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8. Battery Operated 28″ Bump and Go Toy Train Car by Velocity Toys (15.98$)

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This 4-carriage Bump and Go Train runs on 4 AA batteries and makes a range of realistic sounds. The train is inches in length and features a bump and go action. The product is also available in multiple colors.

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7. PLAYMOBIL RC Freight Train (139.99$)

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The RC Freight Train from PlLAYMOBIL comes with its own tracks, cargo, and a conductor. The multi-functional remote allows you to control speed, direction, and even sound effects. Made from durable ABS plastic the product is also completely non-toxic.

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6. Ginzick Remote Control  Train Set (39.07$)

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This fantastic train set from Ginzick  comes with multiple wagons for your engine and track. You can attach and reattach the wagons as per your choice, and the entire set runs on 6 AA batteries. A range of sound and light effects make this an exciting and versatile set.

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5. Power Trains Starter Set (49.99$)

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The Power City Trains Starter Set is one of the most high quality and durable sets on our list. It comes with a 12-feet track that can be shaped according to your liking and even includes a working drawbridge.

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4. Power Trains Auto Loader City (37.99$)

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The Power Trains Auto Loader City set comes equipped with over 16 feet of track, and the entire assembly weighs just over 3.2 pounds. Included in the set are: 1 Exclusive Motorized Engine, 1 Specialty Car, 3 Basic Cars, 18.8 Feet of Track, 2 Tunnels, 19 Accessories and an Auto Loader Play-set.

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3. Bachmann Trains Train set (88.22$)

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Bachmanns Trains produces multiple train models, and we urge you to check them out at Amazon.com. With various track lengths, these models are powered by 4-6 AA batteries or operate from their own battery pack.

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2. LEGO® RC Train Set #60052 “Cargo Train” (204.95$)

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LEGO is one of the leading toy manufacturers in the world, and their products do not tend to disappoint. This cargo train set from LEGO has the most accessories of all the products on our list and is controlled via a RC handset.

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1. Lionel Polar Express Train Set (110.40$)

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An Amazon.com best seller with over a 1000 Reviews and 4/5 star rating, the Lionel Polar Express Train Set features a highly detailed steam engine model. The train features fixed knuckle couplers on the passenger cars, and the remote control is easy to use and has the additional capacity to control sounds & other actions. This set proves itself a valuable asset for train enthusiasts and Polar Express fans alike.

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