10 Best Arduino Bluetooth Modules

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (1)

Bluetooth is one of the most fundamental communication protocol and wildly used in electronics projects as it provides quick wireless data communication over a short distance. To do so, one needs a Bluetooth module to send and receive data on a board such as an Arduino. These cheap modules are readily available, and we have covered some of the best available Arduino Bluetooth modules available in the market.

10. Qunqi Bluetooth  Module(16.99$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (4)

This module can run on 5v and as well 3.3V while power input port has reverse circuit protection. It has the dimensions of 6x4x0.3 cm

Available Here

9. USPRO® Bluetooth Module(8$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (9)

This module has HC-06 IC in it. The module can be used in both Master & as well as Slave mode while communicating using SPI interface with the controller. An efficient piece of electronics that can be used further than just with the Arduino.

Available Here

8. Royfee HC-05 BT Module(4.80$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (3)

HC-05 is comparatively slow as compared to the HC-06 but much easier to use. The device is affordable and maintains a stable connection when paired.

Available Here

7. J-DEAL® HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Host Serial Transceiver (8.49$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (1)

This one also uses an HC05 IC but can operate on both 5 and 3.3V at a baud rate of 9600. The core size on this module is 28 mm x 15 mm x 2.35 mm.

Available Here

6. Sunkee Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module(8.85$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (5)

Sunkee product can even pair with GPS modules with ease and can be powered either using 5v or 3.3V. The module is fully RoHS Compliant and has support for 802.11Co-Existence.

Available Here

5.  IEIK Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module(8.39$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (6)

One of the most reliable modules on our list regarding signal quality and data transfer. The device uses an HC-06 and is provided with a 4 pin ribbon cable connector.

Available Here

4. JY-MCU Arduino Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module(6.50$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (2)

The product comes with an 18.6 cm long connecting cable and has the dimensions of 1.7 x 0.3 x 0.6 inches. The product is more efficient and dissipates far less power as compared to others.

Available Here

3. KEDSUM Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Slave 4Pin Serial + DuPont Cable(9.99$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (8)

An ideal Bluetooth module to pair with your Arduino as the supplier has made some fine adjustments regarding power consumption & data transfer. Unlike some of the other modules on our list, you can use AT commands from the Arduino’s Serial Monitor to get information from the module.

Available Here

2. Baitaihem 4Pin Serial Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Module HC-06 (8.99$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (10)

The device is compatible with Arduino, Stamp, FPGA, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP and more. It provides easy debugging & reliable quality giving you peace of mind to work on other aspects of your project.

Available Here

1. JBtek HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Host Serial Transceiver Module(8.99$)

10 Best Bluetooth Modules (7)

The best overall Bluetooth module for your Arduino board. If we factor in price, reliability in connection and data transfer & as well as low power consumption the module by JBtek wins. You have the freedom of changing baud rate via AT commands from your computer while the board is compliant to Bluetooth V 2.0 standards.

Available Here



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