10 Best Alternators For Chevrolet Silverado


Alternators are essential car accessories, especially for long trips, because they help power your truck. They take your truck’s mechanical energy, generate electricity and transfer it to the motor recharging your truck’s battery. When compared to dynamos, alternators are the better choice because they provide sufficient charge at idle speed, are more affordable, lighter, and more rugged. They also have long life spans. 

As the owner of a Chevrolet Silverado in need of an alternator, below is a list of some of the best alternators in the market.

1. DB Electrical alternator

The DB Electrical alternator is the perfect fit for your Chevrolet Silverado. Each part of the alternator is made with new materials to ensure it meets OEM specifications. This DB model has a voltage of 12 and an amperage of 130. It weighs 15.4 pounds which makes it light enough for your vehicle. It is also designed to function properly in high-heat environments so you don’t have to worry about its durability.

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2. New Alternator 

If you own a 2005-2007 Chevrolet Silverado this New Alternator model will fit your truck perfectly. To make sure it is durable, the alternator is manufactured with high-quality parts. The parts are also brand new so you can expect a strong product. The alternator is manufactured to surpass OEM specifications and has also been tested to ascertain durability, reliability and enhanced performance. 

Available Here.

3. Discount Alternator

Discount Alternator features 12 volts and 250 amperage. It was manufactured with advanced machines and has been tested to make sure it is reliable and durable. The alternator is manufactured with brand new items so you can purchase it confidently. 

Available Here.

4. New High Alternator

This New Alternator model is made with premium craftsmanship and quality materials chosen to enhance its performance. It has also been engineered to meet/surpass OEM specifications and has been tested for durability, reliability and performance. The alternator parts are all manufactured with premium, brand new components to make sure it remains strong.  

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5. Powermaster Alternator

The Powermaster alternator is known for manufacturing an impressive line of alternators. For your Chevrolet Silverado, you can be rest assured that this alternator will suit your needs. It provides 120 amperage that makes your car race-worthy. Its 12.4-pound weight makes it light enough for your vehicle. With Powermaster alternator, your lights, speedometer, radio clock, and ignition will all receive sufficient power to ensure your trips are comfortable and enjoyable.

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6. Premier Gear Alternator P8-8247

Premier Gear Alternator protects your vehicle from excessive charging. It also provides protection from car failure due to inadequate car wiring that can lead to open circuits and sparks. The manufacturing process ensures the alternator provides consistent performance that will surpass your Chevrolet’s original specification for bearings and wiring. Its components also keep it resistant to moisture and heat. Premier Gear alternator is made with high-quality brushes and other important components that provide a longer life span while resisting poor performance. Other features of the alternator include clockwise rotation, 03:00 plug clock, 105 amperage, 12 volts, and 6-groove pulley.

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 7. PARTS-DIYER Alternator

One of the best things about the PARTS-DIYER alternator is that what you see is what you get. The alternator is an automobile generator designed to serve as the major power supply for your truck. It supplies power to all the electric parts of the car, except the starter. It also charges the car battery when the engine is on. To make sure you get the best product for your Chevron Silverado, however, make sure you check your truck’s model for compatibility. Doing this will prevent you from ordering a product that may not perfectly match your car model.

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8. Premier Gear Alternator PG-8292

This model like the others protects your truck from excessive charging. It also prevents charging failure which may be caused by shorts in your truck’s wiring due to open circuits or spikes. The manufacturing process ensures that the alternator performs consistently and exceeds your expectations. The components of the alternator are also used and designed to resist moisture and heat. This way it can work in a high-temperature environment and function in wet weather. The use of quality brushes and other essential components makes it durable while preventing poor performance or mechanical failure. With an internally regulated fan, 145 amperage, clockwise rotation, 12 volts and 6-groove pulley, you can be certain this alternator will serve your truck well for years.

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9. HARFON Alternator

HARFRON is one of the most popular auto part brands in the market and this is because they are known for producing quality products. This alternator model is the perfect fit for 1999-2005 Chevrolet Silverado. It is the perfect OEM replacement and comes with a lifetime warranty. The alternator has also been validated and tested to make sure it is the perfect size for your truck. HARFRON alternator has been tested for durability and maximum performance so you can purchase one without doubts. It also features 6-groove pulley, 12 volts, 105 amperage, and 04:00 plug clock. Altogether its features make it one of the best alternators in the market.

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10. Premier Gear Alternator PG-8301

10 Best Alternator For Chevrolet Silverado

The last on this list is the PG-8301 model which is one of the most affordable alternators in the market. The alternator features 12 volts, 160 amperages, 6-groove pulley, and clockwise rotation. It provides protection from short’s in your truck’s wiring which can lead to open circuits and spikes. It also prevents excessive charging. This Premier Gear alternator is not one to work efficiently for a few weeks or months and then go bad. It has been designed to provide a performance that rivals your truck’s original performance consistently. Its components are also made to resist moisture and heat.  

Available Here.  

Alternators improve your truck’s performance and make your trips very convenient. So invest in an alternator for your Chevrolet Silverado today and enjoy your truck at its full capacity. 


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