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AAA Batteries is a dry cell battery commonly utilized in low-drain portable electronics devices. These batteries must accompany the devices for long-term usage to prove their efficiency. Nowadays, these batteries are designed to prevent leaks, so they don’t harm the device in case they are left inside for a long time.

The following article lists the best AAA batteries for your daily use.

Philips AAA Battery ($8.99)

Philips AAA Battery
Image Credits: Amazon

These NiMH AAA batteries enable recharging several times and are up to 1000 times rechargeable.

“One of the phones in our Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus system kept giving off a little beeping sound even when it was charging in the cradle. Kind of drove me mad – especially when it wouldn’t hold a charge for very long.

I’d suggested buying a new phone system because I was convinced it was defective (after four years), but my husband insisted on buying new batteries and seeing if that would work. I listened to him. For once. They worked like a charm, and we’ve had no problems since. And, once again, you cannot beat the price or quick delivery through Amazon’s network.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Odec AAA Battery ($15.99)

Odec AAA Battery
Image Credits: Amazon

These AAA 1000mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries come in a pack of 16. These batteries are UL, CE and FCC certified and are tested by the manufacturers for high-quality standards. The unit charges up to 12000 times and has a capacity of 1000 mAh. The battery storage case allows you to store your batteries safely.

“Decided to go with these AAA rechargeables, instead of a more expensive brand, after checking out the reviews. So far, they are working very well, with no problems encountered. The batteries came fully charged, and the life of a charge seems to be excellent. I have been using one in my Olight Eos 120 lm. , and am only on my second charge cycle, so far, with no issues. I have three in my OxyLED headlamp, and they are working great, also. The batteries came on time, were very well packaged and had performed flawlessly in the short amount of time I have been using them. I will try to update this review in a few months, or if any unforeseen problems occur but, so far, I am euphoric with this purchase.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Fusion AAA Battery ($13.29)

Fusion AAA Battery
Image Credits: Amazon

An innovative and the most recent alkaline technology along with optimized chemistry is incorporated in these AAA batteries. It is the perfect battery for the most power-sucking devices today.

“I was surprised at how long these did work.I have a battery operated fan that I use by my desk.Used this on and off for three days and did not have to replace the batteries in most cases I am lucky if a battery makes it thru a day and a half .” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

ACDelco AAA Battery ($6.65)

ACDelco AAA Battery
Image Credits: Amazon

These AAA super alkaline batteries come with zero mercury and cadmium. They deliver a sustainable and reliable power. The batteries are ideal for high-drain digital devices.

“I ran the ACDelco batteries first, and my original review I stated that “Though not top-notch, these results are entirely respectable”. Well, since then I’ve run five more brands, and these are pretty close to top-notch. The only other brand that managed to beat them in ANY category was AmazonBasics, but AmazonBasics and ACDelco were at the top of the stack, and the differences were probably within the margin of error. Put simply: these batteries pack a lot of punch, and they’re cheap. For the cost (~$10 as of this writing), these are an excellent value — the power supplied per dollar spent nearly unbeatable for a non-rechargeable aaa battery, AND the capacity is very nearly the best I’ve tested.

I have not tested shelf life or leak resistance for any of the batteries in my roundup, so it’s possible that some of the other batteries may do better in that regard. The one thing I *have* learned is that a battery’s marketing has nothing to do with its actual performance for power capacity … assuming that the same goes for storage, you’ll have to wait until somebody runs a thorough leak and storage test to know which brand is best.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Duracell AAA Battery ($9.90)

Duracell AAA Battery
Image Credits: Amazon

This AAA alkaline battery has a typical output of 1.5V and features a long battery life.

I use these in my wireless mice and keyboards. I’ve used this brand of battery for years. They seem to have a bit more life than some other brands I have tried, so I am sticking with these.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

EBL AAA Battery ($11.99)

EBL AAA Battery
Image Credits: Amazon

These AAA 800 mAh batteries are Ni-MH rechargeable and have improved self-discharge which maintains the 75% of capacity even after years of non-use. The units come pre-charged and can be used out of the pack. They can be recharged up to 1200 times when wholly or partly drained.

“After several apples to apple comparison of EBL vs. Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries. The EBL Rechargeable Batteries charge quicker, last longer, and are cheaper than the Amazon brand. I won’t bore you with the fancy pics, spreadsheets, and boring data to prove my point like the reviewers who either review for a living or aspire to write reviews for a living. I’m just your everyday 40 something-year-old guy who feels products should function better than expected, and if the price is good, then you got a deal. I was NOT paid in any way, shape, or form to review this item.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Energizer AAA Batteries ($6.24)

Image Credits: Amazon

These batteries come in a pack of eight. They keep your device safe from damaging leaks and feature a power seal technology. They do not use Mercury as well.

“I was a bit concerned by the reviews that complained of expired batteries, but since I also trust Amazon’s return process (which is amazingly good and responsive), I decided to go for it and make the purchase.

When the batteries arrived (Photo #1), that’s the first thing I checked– Energizer prints the date up by the Positive contact, I like batteries to have at least five more years life when I purchase them. These had ten years, six months (Photo #2). Kind of hard to argue with.

Energizer’s “Powerseal Technology” guarantees “to lock in power for up to ten years”. I don’t know what that means– ten years from *when*? Manufacture date? [Whenever that was?] Purchase date? Expiration date? Anyway, it doesn’t much matter– I’ve never had batteries without using them for a decade anyway.

More to the point for me is the other thing that “Powerseal” seems to do: it’s a no-leak technology. Energizer guarantees to pay the first $250 towards replacing any device damaged by their batteries’ leaking.

Granted, that may not be a lot compared to the price of some high-end electronics, but it’s a good start, and it is more than enough to replace most flashlights and lanterns, such as the battery-eating
Maglite and its ilk.

Recommended.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

MaxWell AAA Battery ($7.18)

Image Credits: Amazon

This pack of ten AAA batteries come ready to use and delivers long-lasting and reliable power. The batteries are compatible with a variety of products including flashlights, toys, remote controls, and smoke alarms.

“The ratio of the amount of energy you get per dollar with these batteries if far superior to any others available. They don’t last the longest, but if you can live with replacing them slightly more often, you’ll get much more bang for your buck.

I bought these for general use for items that cannot use NiMH rechargeables (because of their lower voltage). These have an average voltage of 1.58-1.6v. The expiration date on the batteries I got were almost five years from the time of purchase. After 6months of storage, the few that remain show a voltage drop of less than 0.02v.

I tested these in a small black diamond headlamp to compare to other batteries. These lasted roughly 80hrs. Duracell Ultra lasted about 90hrs. Amazon’s lasted about 75hrs. Harbor freight lasted about 75hrs. Energizer Rechargeables lasted about 40hrs (any rechargeable would’ve had the same result). So as you can see they don’t really last as long as others ( I know the Duracell’s I tested for sure, I’m confident there are others ), but if they aren’t critical to last the longest ( IE in a headlamp where you don’t want to carry spare batteries around ) then they are a considerable economic battery. If you are using these for camera flash or something else that drains a lot of power quick – you might want to look into lithiums – they’ll be server your purpose better.

I used to subscribe and save to save money on them, definitely made it worth it (even if you only get one shipment).” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Panasonic Eneloop AAA Batteries ($9.85)

Panasonic Eneloop
Image Credits: Amazon

These units are AAA 2100 cycle Ni-MH, pre-charged rechargeable batteries.You can recharge these units up to 2100 times and maintain their 70% charge even after ten years when they are not in use. They are pre-charged at the factory and come ready to use. 

 “Best. Rechargeable Batteries. Ever. These are great! I am slowly phasing out the use of all throwaway batteries in favour of Eneloops. These cells handle it all. I use my camera (almost) daily, and these batteries lasted nearly two years before not holding a charge for very long and needing a replacement” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

AmazonBasics AAA Batteries ($3.99)

Image Credits: Amazon

These AAA batteries have the standard output of 1.5V. The unit features improved anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition resulting in 10-years anti-leakage shelf life. They are designed to provide reliable and lasting performance for both high and low drain devices. The unique Japanese technology enables better performance after storage, over-discharge, and high temperatures. They work well with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, toys, and clocks but they are non-rechargeable. 

“Works as expected, great batteries for the price. Ordered these for daily use, especially for my son’s remote control car. Been using it on the clock, flashlight, toy, etc., and so far they have been running well. These batteries seem to last as long as the name brands you would purchase at the local shops, but much cheaper than the stores. It helps me save a lot of money and avoid the trouble of running to the store every time I need batteries. What I liked most about is its packaged! It comes in a card box that can be open/closed and in it, the cells are wrapped in a wrapper in a group of 4. That makes it easy to find a group of batteries in my drawer. I am happy with the product and will probably order more when it run out.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

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  1. Suspicious Mind Reply

    CR apparently gave Energizer Lithiums the highest rating, with Duracell Quantum nearly as long-lasting, yet a lot cheaper. The newer ‘eneloop’ rechargeables are precharged, last far longer, and don’t suffer from either hundreds of recharges, nor overcharging, a great savings over time. Note, only alkaline and zinc-carbon produce 1.5 v; lithiums and rechargeable Nicads only put out 1.2 v, not noticeable in a phone or flashlight, but in a walkie talkie that may drop effective power from 6 to 4.8 v. Choose accordingly.

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