10 Best 3D Printer Control Boards

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (4)

3D printing(or additive manufacturing) is becoming popular these days. One of the most fundamental things required to make a DIY 3d printer is an electronic controller that commands the motors & the nozzle. We have decided to make a list that includes some of the best 3D Printer controllers available in the market today that are both easy to learn and yet robust in the application.

10. Gikfun RAMPS 1.4 Control Board(10.96$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (4)

RepRap is one of the popular DIY 3D printers. RAMPS stands for RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield and is occasionally modified by designers because fo its open source nature. The shield is expandable and has stepper motor drivers built in.

Available Here

9. MKS BaseV1.2 3D Printer Controller Board (30$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (1)

This board incorporates the RAMPS design but along with a Mega 2560 structure built in. The board uses a four-layer PCB, which maximizes performance by increasing heat dissipation.

Available Here

8. SainSmart Melzi Reprap 3D Printer controller board(96$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (6)

Built on an ATMEGA1284p chip, this board can operate at much higher speeds. The four stepper motor driver circuits are based on Allegro A4988 chipset.

Available Here

7. Shanhai® Gt2560 3d Printer Controller Board (52.99$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (9)

This compact controller contains the ATmega 2560 chip and can operate between 12-24V. The diode added to the power port can provide reverse protection to the whole circuit while a 500mA fuse is also added to the 5V USB power port.

Available Here

6. Robotlinking 3d Printer Controller(6.54$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (3)

One of the most affordable controller for your 3D printer. This board is a shield and attaches on top on top of your Arduino so that you can program it as per your use.

Available Here

5. OSOYOO MKS Base V1.3 3D Printer Controller (45.99$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (10)

Unlike other boards, this one also has an SD card reader. The four stepper motor drivers are based on the A4982 IC making it possible for you to drive even the most powerful of stepper motors.

Available Here

4. Geeetech  Open Source 3D Printer Control Board(74$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (8)

Designed by the MakerBot company, this is one of the most versatile yet powerful boards out there. Master Control Chip is AtMega 1280 which is fitted with the control software of  MakerBot, and it can function for multicolor printing as well.

Available Here

3. Geeetech Rumba 3D Printer Controller Board (66.90$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (2)

Another product from Geeetech and this board is based on the AtMega 2560 IC. The Board has a total of 6 stepper motor drivers, and most of the design incorporate low power MOSFETS.

Available Here

2. SainSmart 2-in-1 3D Printer Mainboard Controller (47.99$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (5)

The best SainSmart product as far as 3D printer shields are concerned. The device accepts 24V power supply and is practically based on RAMPS 1.4 design. The manufacturer states that you can even attach motors demanding as high as 5A of current on the output ports.

Available Here

1. “RepRapDiscount” RUMBA Control Board(139.80$)

10 Best 3D printer Controllers (7)

The most expensive controller on our list but well worth the cost. The controller works with a variety of DIY 3d printers and allows 1/32 micro stepping for a greater resolution for your 3D printer. The controller can be used with 12-35V motors as well.

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