10 Best 360 Degree Cameras For Hobbyists And Professionals

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (2)

With human intrigue in virtual reality(VR) and then its introduction to the mass produced “smartphone”,  360 imaging has been given a significant boost. Some of these devices seem right out of science fiction while the other have the same look as ordinary motion cameras. From Hollywood to small startup VR studios, 3d imaging has indeed expanded its audience and today we will take a look at the 10 best cameras that you can use to record your very own 3D video.

10. JoyPlus 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Action Camera(148.98$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (6)

An affordable Chinese manufacturer 360-degree camera. Whats good about this product is that it weighs only 77 grams which make it extra portable for any photographer. The device comes with a 16GB micro SD card for extended use.

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9. DETU Wireless 360 Degree Panoramic Sports Action Camera(142$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (9)

This action camera follows from the same design as the previous one but is a little better in stitching up the pictures. The camera has an 8MP camera and by downloading the DETU camera app, you can wirelessly transmit videos to see on your iPhone or Android device.

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8. ChiTronic Cube 360 Mini Sports Video Camera (82.99$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (5)

One of the most affordable 3D camera’s that you can buy right now from the web. At just under 83$ this product is a bargain and even comes with 32GB memory card support. The camera supports 3 hours of recording on a single charge, Also which is higher than most.

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7. VSN HD Camera Kit(254.99$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (4)

A little device that comes with GPS, barometer, altimeter and an accelerometer already installed so that you acquire superior images. The manufacturer claims the device is both dust and waterproof up till 3 feet. Also, thanks to dual microphones it can capture and play a stereo sound to “bring everything you hear to life”.

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6. Insta360 (599.99$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (3)

Made and supported by Sony, this camera provides the highest resolution 4k videos with relative ease and is supported by a large 5000mAh battery. Having said that, the camera has a few downsides as it is relatively heavy and only has a 15 frame per second rate at the highest resolution.

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5. 360fly 360° HD Video Camera (399.99$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (2)

The camera has a 2.26MP CMOS sensor that provides a resolution up to 1504×1504. Remarkably, the camera is waterproof upto almost 120 feet underwater with the microphone plug inserted. The weighs just a little over a pound.

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4. Kodak SP360 16 MP Digital Camera (247.66$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (7)

Kodak is one of the pioneering firms for digital imaging, so it comes as no surprise that they have their 360 cameras. CMOS sensor installed in this ones offers the most resolution of all at 16MP while it supports WiFi and NFC connectivity.

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3. Samsung Gear 360 Degree Cam (499$)

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A world leader in electronic devices, Samsung has covered them all from cell phones to  LED TVs and much more. Their 360 camera is compatible with all of their smartphones and thanks, Samsung’s expertise in the electronics realm they have achieved a durable device that is shock proof, water resistant and easily connectable

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2. Panono (1500$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (10)

The most expensive product on our list. The unique ball-shaped device has up till 36 lenses installed in it, and all you have to do is throw it up in the air to capture the image. But be warned this device is strictly for professionals and offers only still 360 images, not video.

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1. Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera (346.95$)

10 Best 360 Degree Cameras (1)

One of the most portable devices on our list. The easy to operate device is offered in many models with the lowest available at 130$. The premium model can shot true HD video at 30 frames per second rate providing smooth, rich video quality which is unparalleled.

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