10 Batshit Space Conspiracy Theories That Will Freak You Out

UFO sightings and Fake Moon Landing are the theories we hear of now and then. We all know that there is a significant number of people who believe that Apollo moon landing never happened. The claim is that the NASA hoaxed the moon landing to win the race of space travel with Russia. The people have even tried to find flaws in the official footage. The more educated group of people supports the claim based on the reason that radiation from Van Allen radiation belt will never allow any astronaut to survive. Apart from this Conspiracy Theory, here are the 10 most bizarre and unknown conspiracy theories about space.

10. Ancient Astronauts

First signs of “extraterrestrial contact” are found in multiple locations in the pre-modern world, or at least that’s what the theorists claim. By using figures from rock carvings in historical locations, it is claimed that it was in fact aliens who dictated the progress of human technology. These carvings or more formally known as petroglyphs from Italy, Egypt, and Mesopotamia are the basis of this claim.

9. UFO In ISS Live Stream

There is a constant ISS Live Feed that streams the webcam footage from the International Space Station. People have reported some UFO sightings along with other enigmatic objects in the video. Okay, I may have not taken the UFO sightings seriously, but this is live-feed from space we are talking about. The curiosity was invoked as the webcam was suddenly shut off right after the sighting. The sighting includes six UFOs flying in formation, alien mothership, gray object, and blobs.


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8. “The Estimate of the Situation”

It may seem likely that you see a picture and imagine it was an alien craft. However, there supposedly exists a document known as “The Estimate of the Situation” written by U.S. Air Force Captian in 1948. The document is meant to explain the extraterrestrial hypothesis. As you may have guessed, the document is not available anymore. However, there does exist a top-secret USAF memo that says:

“These objects originate from some previously unknown or unidentified technology, possibly outside the Earth.”

Beat that, UFO Sighters!

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7. The Aurora UFO Incident

This is where it gets creepy as this piece of paper is not any general document. In Aurora, Taxes, the newspaper reported a UFO crash and said,

“The pilot of this ship is supposed to be the only one on board, and while his remains are badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.”

That was in 1897, and a grave was found unmarked in the same area in 2008. The conspiracy theorists claim that the grave was battered and radar couldn’t identify the type of remains present in the grave.

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6. The Rosetta Mission

An anonymous source, self-proclaimed NASA Whistleblower, claimed that Rosetta probe took a ten-year journey to comet 67B in 2014. What makes this claim interesting is that 67B is not a comet but an alien spacecraft with external mechanical features. NASA detected signals of mysterious nature originating from the comet. You can listen to the strange signals here.

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5. The Black Knight Satellite

Conspiracy Theorists have attributed the anomalous extraterrestrial signals received by the Nikola Tesla in 1899 to a self-titled alien artifact called “The Black Knight Satellite.” It is said to be orbiting the earth since past 13,000 years, and NASA explained it to be a space junk. The photograph taken in 1998 is shown here.

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4. The Death Star

This theory came from the two astronomers Daniel Whitmire and Albert Jackson. There is a hypothetical red dwarf star that orbits the sun nearly 1.5 light years away, and it is known as Nemesis. The astronomers claim that every time Nemesis crosses the earth near Oort cloud, the elliptical orbit of the star causes constant impacts of proportions that may result in the extinction of Earth. The star does so by throwing comets towards Earth after each 26-million years or so. As if self-destructive global warming wasn’t a threat to our existence!

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3. The Phantom Cosmonauts

There is a theory that claims that the Yuri Gargarin is not the first human who visited the space. He may be the first one who lived to tell the tale. However, his predecessors may not have been so lucky. Two Italian amateur radio operators claimed to hear a broadcast that featured Russian cosmonauts who were in the middle of dying. I guess one can hear people scream in space. We were being lied to the whole time that sound cannot travel through the vacuum.

Credits: StrangeSounds
2. KIC 8462852

You might blame a planet for blocking 20% light from an inexplicable star ‘KIC 8462852’ in Cygnus constellation. However, that may not be as likely as one would hope. Even a large planet like Jupiter also blocks 1% light only. The anomaly is known as Dyson Swarm that is an alien megastructure. It harvests energy from stars after it surrounds them. Bloodsucking demon!

Credits: Collective Evolution
1. Project Solar Warden

Most of the conspiracy theorists and scientists who claim to have ‘cracked the case wide open’ do so behind the comfortable chairs of their offices or homes. Some may even claim that they saw a couple of UFOs and then there is this legend. In 2002, Gary McKinnon cracked the computers at U.S. Space Command and discovered a list of ‘non-terrestrial officers’ and documents on ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers.’ He claimed after studying the documents that Project Solar Warden is a U.S. fleet of spaceships secretly orbiting space. However, our legend McKinnon was sentenced to stay in prison for 70 years.

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