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10 Amazing And Useful Google Search Tricks You Did Not Know Before

We all use Google Search for different purposes. However, we are sure not all of you are aware of the following 10 useful Google Search tips. So, we have compiled them for you in a list so that you all can take full advantage of what Google has to offer.

10. Search content from a specific website

You can search for websites via Google, everyone knows that. However, you can also use Google for searching specific content on a particular website. For instance, you could search for DIY tricks on wonderfulengineering.com only by typing this in the search bar, “DIY tricks site: www.wonderfulengineering.com!” This also works if you want news from a specific source; just replace site in aforementioned example with source.

9. Search with missing letters or words

If you are searching for a phrase but don’t remember all of the words or even if you’re searching for a word but can’t remember the letters, use an asterisk. It works as a wildcard and shall allow the substitution for any word or letter when Google returns results.

8. Find similar websites

At times one wants to find out sites that are similar to a particular website. For instance, sites like YouTube. All you need to do is to type this in search box: “Related: www.thewebsiteyouwanttofindalternativesto.com“.

7. Find definitions

You really don’t need to look for a word’s meaning on an online dictionary when you have Google. Simple add “define:” before the word and hit enter!

6. Calculate conversions

Google Search can also perform conversions of many measurements. Simply type “Quantity units A in units B” and hit enter. Abbreviations are also entertained.

5. Calculate sums

Typing an equation in the search box will solve it for you. For instance, type “10 + 20” and you’ll get the answer 30. However, don’t be fooled; Google is capable of handling far more complex sums as well.

4. Check flights

You can track courier packages or even find out if the particular flight has landed or when it is scheduled to land. All that you need to search for is the airline and flight number.

3. Check for movie showtimes

When you search for showtimes on Google based on your location, it will present you listings of cinemas for your country or your area depending on how specific your location details are. You can search for timings of a particular movie by adding its name following the showtimes: command.

2. Find out world times

Type “time:” followed by the name of city or area you want to know the time of. Easy enough, right?

1. Do a barrel roll

In the mood for a bit of fun? Simply type “do a barrel roll” in the search bar and hit enter!