1.5 Million People Have Signed Up To Storm Area 51. Here’s Why Its A Bad Idea

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

So far, more than 1.5 million people have signed up for an event called Storm Area 51; They Can’t Stop All of Us. The event’s creator has clarified that it was a joke event, but nonetheless, the hotels close to Area 51 have been booked. The slogan of the event is ‘let’s see them, aliens’. The event is set for September 20th, and here is a list of 10 reasons why storming Area 51 is not a good idea.

You Can’t Handle the Truth

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

According to conspiracy theorists, aliens are being kept in Area 51. Furthermore, they claim that aliens are being kept a secret so that people don’t freak out when they discover the truth. This argument is generally ignored in shows such as The X-Files. But what if the conspiracy theorists are right?

Theologian Ted Peters conducted a survey back in 2011 about the effect that aliens could have on the religion. Surprisingly many people believed that their own religion would remain intact, but the event would challenge the other faiths quite strongly.

Naruto Running VS. Bullets

According to the Storm Area 51 Facebook page, ‘If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.’ For those of you who are not aware; Naruto Run comes from the famous anime/manga Naruto where the character runs at superhuman speed while his arms are stretched out behind him. That being said, Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet and can run at a top speed of 40 feet per second. The 9mm bullet travels at a speed of more than 1,200 feet per second. In all honesty, you won’t be able to outrun the bullets.

The Signs Are There For A Reason

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

Area 51 is surrounded by a number of warning signs. One of the sign reads, ‘Restricted Area: it is unlawful to enter this area without permission of the Installation Commander’. In terms of the law, if you cross the Area 51 boundary; you commit an offense against Section 1382 of Title 18, of entering a military installation without permission, thus making you liable to a $500 fine.

However, getting fined is going to be the least of your worry. Since ‘While on this installation, all personnel and the property under their control are subject to search’. A BBC film crew back in 2016 was thoroughly searched and then left lying face down on the ground for three hours. A man was shot dead this year after he failed to comply with the verbal instructions. Put simply; they will shoot if deemed necessary.

You Don’t Want To Spend Vacations There

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

The site was originally selected back in the 1950s as the testing ground for classified aircraft. The selection is attributed to Kelly Johnson, the famous Lockheed engineer who was behind the development of the U-2 and SR-71 programs. Johnson was looking for a dry lakebed that could offer a long and flat landing site. Dry lakebeds are located in inhospitable desert places. The Groom Lake where Area 51 is located gets scorching hot during daytime with temperatures that go over 100 Fahrenheit. It is also downwind of one of the original nuclear test sites, so you also need to factor in the radiation.

It Is A Matter Of National Security

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

Area 51 has been the testing facility for generations of aircraft that are classified ranging from the U-2 High altitude spy planes to the Mach 3 SR-71 blackbird and even the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. It has also housed ‘alien technology’ investigations – performance testing of Russian MiGs.

These operations are kept secret for the sake of national interest since foreign powers would like nothing more than finding out what the next generation of prototypes being developed by the US looks like.

You Will See What They Want You To See At Area 51

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

Intelligence agencies have been feeding the UFO community bogus information to make sure that no one found out about the fact that the US was testing various prototype aircraft. The metal finish of the early U-2s, for instance; during the dawn or dusk made it appear as conspicuous and mysterious. A study back in the 1950s also concluded that half of the unexplained sightings were actually classified aircraft.

As per Mark Pilkington’s 2013 Mirage Men, they would allow selected individuals to see but not copy fake official documents, photographs, and other ‘evidence’ of alien activity to shape whole mythology. Even if you do end up storming the Area 51, what you might end up seeing is what the intelligence agencies would want you to see.

Say Hello To The Neuralyzer

There is real-life research that has been focused on Neuralyzer – from the Men In Black. A Neuralyzer was a piece of alien tech that enabled the wielder to make the target forget about what the target had just seen. The CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA was aimed at coming up with a way of inducing the perfect concussion. Later on, in 1985, it was shown that a sequence of flashing lights could be used to induce amnesia in rats.

Get Ready For The Crashing Of Markets

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

The discovery of alien technology would send the stock market crashing down. As of right now, the tech sector owns the stock market. However, their position would be severely jeopardized if alien tech is found.

Alien Tech Could Be Used For Defense Of Area 51

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

If Area 51 really has alien technology housed within it, then it goes without saying that it might be used for preventing masses from entering it. Are you all ready for battling with cyborgs?

What If They Are Actually Keeping Something Locked up In Area 51?

Here’s A List Of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51

What if the masses break into the Area 51 only to find that the facility was keeping a horror from getting unleashed onto the humanity? Yeah, things could really get ugly then!


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    All they have to say is “anyone caught in or near Area 51 will lose their government benefits for life” and all of a sudden the movement has 10 people in it.

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