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World’s Tallest Free Standing Clock Tower To Be Constructed In India


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So you thought Clock Towers were architectural feats of the past? This new project from Infosys aims to erect the world’s tallest free-standing clock tower in the Indian city of Mysore. It is expected to rise to a considerable height of 135 meters or 443 feet. India remained a colony of the British for almost two centuries so there are a number of clock towers around the older cities. These Gothic and Victorian ¬†style structures are a symbol of the British past and very different from traditional soothing Indian architecture of domes, marble work and plain towers. So, it begs the question, what exactly is this resurrected relic of the past all about?
Tallest clock tower

Well, one look at this tower and you are forced to think otherwise. With a footprint of 22 x 22 m, the neo-gothic building holds a fair share of resemblance to the Elizabeth Tower in England yet still tries to portray indigenous architecture. Pretty smart since Indians are naturally touchy about their occupation by the British. It is slated to have around 19 stories and feature boardroom, restaurants, visitors’ area and a beautiful viewing room at the top. It will also display messages and greetings during events like the Indian National Holiday at August 15th and Christmas. The total cost of the project will be 8.8 million $ and will take around 20 months to finish. Quite a glorious structure for a not-so-glory past relationship I must say!


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