You Will Never Have To Cleanup After You Are Done Pooping With This $10,000 Japanese Toilet

TOTO Neorest AC Spa Toilet (3)
Source: TOTO

There was a question roaming on Quora asking if there are any people in the world who have others wipe them after they are done with their toilet business. Apparently, the only ones who do not clean up after themselves are disabled people but not anymore. There is a $10,000 toilet bowl in the market that will clean up after you and you don’t have to touch a thing, except the remote control buttons.

A Japanese company TOTO has been producing a high-end luxury collection of toilet bowl products by the name TOTO Washlets for decades. No one is known better than the Japanese for their hygiene, and it shows in their products. The company continues to improve their toilet products with innovation and technology. Nerorest AC is their latest innovation in the already crazy toilet bowl collection. It is an upgrade to previous year’s version called Neorest EW.

The specifications need to justify the insane price of a toilet bowl, and to some these might. The bowl has a special zirconium coating that displays hydrophilic properties to eliminate waste and bacteria. The lid has an embedded UV light which along with the zirconium coating, causes the waste to decompose, so you do not have to clean up manually.

Source: TOTO

The Neorest AC is custom made as per your requirements and needs to be fitted in the bathroom likewise. The lid has the provision of opening and closing automatically making use of sensors. A self-cleaning wand under the seat delivers soothing warm water to clean up. The heated seats have an embedded deodorizer and a drier at the bottom to dry you up after you are done. A control panel on the side lets you control the washlet.

Source: TOTO

We do not have to disagree with the immense advantages of the Neorest AC, but there is no denying that the cost is still insane. It may be a perfect gadget to be placed in a palace, but for the rest of us, manual hygiene methods work just fine. If you find the toilet advertised on some bathroom convention, there is no harm in trying it, is there? On the bright side, the toilet is environment-friendly. You will not be using tons of toilet rolls.

Source: TOTO
Source: TOTO
Source: TOTO

Even if you don’t get one, you get to see how it works in this video:

For those who have lots of money to throw away, Neorest AC, the luxury spa toilet bowl will be available in stores sometime this spring.


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