This Massive Robot Uses Humans As A Paint Brush


We are so used to the incredible stuff that the robots can now do that it has ceased to amaze us. However, even in your wildest dreams, you wouldn’t have thought of a robot that uses a human being like a painting brush.


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Image Source: YouTube


Dragan Ilic is a Serbian visual artist who has always been fascinated by the manner in which humans and machines interact with each other. Ilic has always looked for new ways to utilise gadgets and technology to speed up the creative process for the artists.

“The metamorphosis of the artistic work is positioned at a point where human and machine activity intersects, resulting in an interaction that is essentially based on the need to transcend the limitations of the human body.”


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Image Source: YouTube


Ilic’s latest project is a bit different from his previous efforts. This time, instead of allowing technology to help him create art, Ilic will assist the technology in creating art by becoming a paintbrush for a robotic arm. Ilic is attached to the end of the massive industrial robotic arm as it moves around and allows Ilic to paint. The project symbolises:

“both the repetitiveness involved in technological production, as well as representing a new stage of ritual or transgressive experiences of the author himself.”


This Massive Robot Uses Humans As A Paint Brush_Image 2
Image Source: YouTube


Of course, many things could go wrong. A slight glitch in the machine can be deadly for Ilic. Yet, the sight of a guy being spun around by the robot is quite hypnotic. Watch the incredible video here:



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