These Are The 10 Worst Logo Changes Of 2015


It is quite a walk-on-the-line when you are attempting to change the logo of an established corporate logo. It can either be a success or a total disaster. With 2015 drawing to a close, we have compiled a list of 10 worst logo changes. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it.

10. Renault is a famous brand and with its legacy, you’d expect that the in-house design would do justice. Frankly, it’s a letdown.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 10

9. Lenovo is a Chinese company that is growing exponentially and hired Saatchi and Saatchi for a makeover, however, the result isn’t too impressive.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 9

8. The Verizon’s logo wasn’t exactly a loved logo, however, the new twist on th design that comes from Pentagram hasn’t changed much.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 8

7. This was the first redesign of CBS Sports’ logo in 35 years and turned out to be boring and staid.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 7

6. A designer from the agency Webster was tasked by TBS for the execution of the MTV-ish look, however, the end result is a mismatch to the network.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 6

5. InterbrandHealth was hired by Quest Diagnostics for a makeover and while the lettering looks amazing, the ovals have ruined the logo.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 5

4. Best Western, a hotel chain, hired MiresBall for transforming its unique logo and the result is horrible to say the least.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 4

3. Medium is a publishing platform and worked with PSY/OPS for changing its logo that comprised of an ‘M’. We wish they didn’t.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 3

2. Daimler AG hired Realgestalt for redoing its branding a clean and sleek silver. It looks super amazing on business cards and signage but fails to impress when it comes to digital implementation.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015 2

1. German company Merck KGaA is the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world, however, the new logo by FutureBrand doesn’t do any justice to the company.The 10 worst logo changes of 2015

Source: Business Insider


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